Who Tooted Game Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


Who loves to play games that will make you laugh? Who has a child that thinks passing gas is funny? This game you will have to try to keep a straight face if you can so that you don’t give away who tooted.

The Who Tooted Game Is a fun family game. When you start the game each player receives a whoopee cushion shaped controller to control the flatulence. Then you start the game, one of the controllers will light up and you then push the button to make a “toot” sound–the other players have to guess who did it! Now, of course only one person can make the tooting sound at a time and the rest need to guess who made the toot.

Now, while your playing you have to try to keep a straight face so that you won’t give away if it is you. I can tell you from experience that keeping a straight face while playing is not as easy as it sounds. The sounds are pretty funny but most of the time all the players start to laugh at the sound so you still can’t tell who it was over the laughing. We had such a fun time playing this game as a family. Even my mom joined in and I can tell you that she was thinking that we were crazy for playing but even she was laughing and having a great time.

My son’s have played with their friends as well and you can just hear them laughing every time someone “toots”. Their friends went home telling their parents that they had to have the game. I got a few phone calls from parents asking where they could get it because it was now the must have game for their child. They hadn’t heard of the game so they weren’t sure where to find it. I told them they could easily find it at Target, Toys R Us, and Amazon as well.

This would be a perfect game to play on a cold winter day when everyone has cabin fever. Have a family game night on the weekends and unplug to have some family fun. Everyone will have a great time and the laughter will never end. Don’t blame us when you can’t stop laughing and having family fun! It’s going to be a ton of fun for the whole family. Get your friends to join in the fun and take turns having a blast and trying to keep a straight face.

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