Tired Of High Cable Bills? Let Google Chromecast Streaming Player Bring You All Your Entertainment! #Ad @BestBuy @madebygoogle

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Are you tired of all the high cable bills your paying and all the wasted money that your giving them? I have to tell you that last year I was paying over $250 a month for Cable, phone and internet. When my contract came up for that year to be done. I changed our cable bill! I was like I must have lost my ever loving mind paying that much for Cable, phone and internet! So I changed what we had, I got rid of the cable all together!
I canceled the cable t.v., I kept our phone and then went with the internet package as well, the rest they could keep!

So I decided that we were going to be streaming all of our T.v. and movie from apps. There are a TON of apps that you can use and many are free! Some of the apps cost a little bit but nothing close to what I was paying for cable! We have Netflix for which I pay $14 a month but there are cheaper plans available. I went with that plan because 4 people can watch different things on their tablet, t.v. or other devices like the Google Chromecast Streaming Player it can bring your T.v. to life and at a much cheaper cost for your wallet! There are so many free apps that you can use with the Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player. There is Terrarium TV,YouTube, YouTube Tv, and so many more! I can’t believe how many different apps are free to use! The amount of TV shows, movies and other things that you can watch are amazing!

I love that You can use the Google Chromecast Streaming Player to have all the entertainment you want from music, T.v shows, movies and so much more. The things you can use the Google Chromecast Streaming players has more options than cable ever did! Not to mention the savings for your family as well! I also love that you can talk to the Google Chromecast Streaming Player and it will do what you ask it to from putting on your favorite app to playing your favorite song and all very easily. Your family is going to love that your getting more entertainment for your money! You can purchase Google Chromecast at your local Best Buy Store and get streaming right away! All your entertainment is just one tap away so get your entertainment streaming started today and get rid of your high cable bills!

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