Tinkerbelle Dress with Wings Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


We received the Tinkerbelle Dress with Wings to review with my beautiful granddaughter. She was so excited, she is a huge Tinkerbell fan! She was just squealing when she saw it. The Tinkerbell dress is very well made, and it was not the really thin material that you see at a lot of the stores. The colors were so vibrant, bringing out the real feeling of her being able to really feel like she was Tinkerbell and she could fly where ever her heart desired.

I really had to look at the wings because they were made so much better then any other dress up costumes the granddaughters had in the past. They have a almost velvet feel to them, and were so colorful that she just loved them. When we had the costume on her she was so excited that she starte dto run up and down the hall. She told me that “she was going to help the woodland fairies because they needed her” at which point I told her to “I think the Tinker Fairies could use your help as well.” She had a huge smile on her face and told me she would help all the fairies.

Belle dress

It was just so adorable! She was so happy just “flying around”. She then decided that Peter Pan needed her help with the lost boys. Yes, she watches all the tinkerbell movies, it’s her favorite movies and she watches them all the time. She got out her tea set and put her dolls around and they were all having a great time. She then put on a show for them while she danced in her Tinkerbell Dress and wings. I may be a little bias but she was just so stinkin cute! She played all day in her Tinkerbell dress and she would have slept in it if I would have let her.

She put it back on in the morning and was ready to start her day again. We had errands to run, and she was dead set on wearing her Tinkerbell dress everywhere we had to go. So of course I couldn’t tell her no, she stuck her bottom lip out … okay, don’t judge me. lol We were off to the stores, and I’m so immune to the kids wanting to wear costumes when I am focusing on what I need to do. There were so many little girls yanking on their mom’s and dad’s saying look at her dress and wings! So they had to ask me where I got it from, so we told them they could purchase it at Great Pretenders.

They were equally impressed with the way the materials felt and how beautiful the dress and wings were. They were going home to look at them so they could get their daughter’s one. It was such a fun outing with my granddaughter. We just had so much fun together and she was so excited about everyone coming up and asking where they could get one just like hers. When we got home she had to tell everyone about her adventures out in the stores and how everyone told her how cute and adorable she was. She has already decided that she will be wearing it for Halloween! Your little Tinkerbell will just love being able to dress up as well!

The Great Pretenders also offers Cinderella, Belle, Rapunzel, Mermaids, Batman, Pirates, Super Heros, and so many more. Your child is sure to find the perfect dress up outfit for all the fun!

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