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I received the Plates and Tumblers ThermoServ from ThermoServ. ThermoServ Plates, Tumblers, mugs, and other table wear. They have an great selection of colors and styles to choose from. I love that their table wear is also BPA free, made in the USA, and are also dishwasher safe. It is getting harder and harder to find products that are made in the USA so it’s wonderful to see that ThermoServ is a company that offers USA made products.

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ThermoServ has a beautiful selection of table wear that is perfect for summer. They will make the perfect cookout table wear for a get together. Your summer table will look beautiful, and everyone will comment on how amazing your table looks. You won’t want to forget to get your travel mugs as well, they are perfect for the summer driving or relaxing at the beach. Your going to love ThermoServ’s table wear and you can use it all the time for everyday use or for fun events your hosting.

I love the bright and cheery colors of the table wear so even in the winter the colors will cheer you up and break up the winter blah’s. Your table will always have a cheerful look and be fabulous. When I walked through ThermoServ’s booth at the International Home And Houseware’s event in Chicago, I have to tell you, I fell in love with so many of the table wear products. Their booth really stood out due to all the colors they offer. The feel of their plates, bowls, mugs and tumblers were just perfect. They are not really heavy and they are not really light weight. Kids could easily carry their plates with their meal and not have to worry about them dropping it. The adults will love the color scheme’s as well as how sturdy the table wear is.

Your summer events are going to be perfect with ThermoServ! If you have annual cookouts and it’s time for a new color scheme or new plates for your events, look no further ThermoServ will have all your summer needs covered! Let’s not forget the Graduations, 4th of July, and all the other events that you will want to pull out all the stops for! So head over to ThermoServ and find your fun summer table wear so you can WOW, your guests.

Disclosure: I may have received a product or promo code for product to review for this post. However, this does not guarantee a good review on the product.

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