How You Help The Texas Hurricane Harvey Victims #Texas #Hurricane Harvey

texas hurricane harvey

Texas is being invaded by Hurricane Harvey at the moment while many of us are safe in our homes. There has been astronomical flooding in many areas of Texas and people are being evacuated from their homes and all of their belongings. The question is how can we help these people get through this horrible time. There are many things that we can do to help them have some of the things that they will be in need of.

HEB has already been sending a convoy of trucks with supplies for the people of Texas but they will still need more items to get them through this disaster. So I am going to be letting you know how you can help them as well.

* Amazon has set up a list of items that you can purchase and they will be sent directly to Hurricane Harvey disaster areas.

* airbnb is offering shelter most free of charge for Texas residents that are being displaced by the hurricane. So that they can have a roof over their heads and be safe from the hurricane.

* Texas Diaper Bank is accepting donations for babies as well as elderly for the Texas Hurricane Harvey relief. They will be in large demand during this disaster.

* itunes Apple is letting users donate to the American Red Cross directly on iTunes and App Store.

* Redcross You can donate directly to the American Red Cross to assist hurricane victims. Minimum online donation is $10. To donate visit, call 1- 800-RED CROSS or text the word HARVEY to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

* SPCA of Texas – Assist with the care of pets uprooted by the storm with a Make a donation here.

* Save the Children is an organization that provides relief to children and families. The organization has emergency responders on the ground helping kids and families affected by the hurricane.

* Direct Relief An international organization that provides emergency relief and helps equip local health providers.

* AMERICARES An international organization that has deployed an emergency response team to Houston and focuses on health.

* INTERNATIONAL RELIEF TEAMS An international organization providing more than a thousand personal hygiene kits to flood refugees in Houston, among other emergency services.

* PORTLIGHT A U.S.-based organization that will help displaced residents who have disabilities or otherwise need special care. You can donate online, if you scroll down their main page.

* HEART-TO-HEART INTERNATIONAL An international organization which will help provide medical supplies.

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