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sweet Potatoes and Apple Casserole

This easy dish is filled with amazing flavor that your family will love. The flavors are swirled throughout the dish, and even if your family will normally not eat Sweet Potatoes they will love this dish. It’s so simple to make and it will be gone in a flash. If your making it for a holiday dish I suggest doubling the recipe so that you will have enough for everyone.


3 Large Sweet Potatoes
5 Gala Apples
Ground Cinnamon
Brown Sugar

* Boil your Sweet Potatoes till they are Soft and your able to Peel the skin off about 20-30 minutes

* After you let your Sweet Potatoes cool, peel and cut in half, then cut into large slices and place to the side

* Peel and cut your apples into slices and place to the side

* Use a 9 X 13 Pan to place a row of slices of Sweet Potatoes and then top with a row of Apples

* Sprinkle cinnamon over the top and drizzle Honey over the top of the cinnamon and top with a light layer of Brown sugar

* Continue to layer the ingredients till your pan is full

* Cover with Foil and bake at 350 for 30-45 minutes till the apples are soft, then it’s ready to serve

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