Swagbucks Have An Easy Fast and 7 swagbucks till 9pm PM PDT

Swagbuck’s is wishing Everyone a wonderful Yom Kipper and a Easy Fast. There is a code as well worth 7 swagbuck’s. It’s good till 9pm PDT tonight. ( codes are words with letters and numbers in them) then go to your Swagbuck’s home and put in your code and gimme my swagbucks and you will get your swagbucks. 🙂

If you don’t have a Swagbuck’s account yet you can Sign up here. Then read about how Swagbuck’s works on the left side of the blog where it says for those who don’t understand Swagbuck’s. It will explain everything to you and make it simple for you to earn free christmas gifts. 🙂

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