Super Hero Heat Holders And Joint Heat Holders Review #ChristmasGiftGuide

batman heatsocks

I received a pair of Joint Warmers, Batman Heat Holder Slipper Socks, and a pair of the Superman Heat Holder Slipper Socks to review with my son’s. My younger son has Ehlers Danloss, so his joints are always hurting him. So I was excited to see how or if they would help his joint pains.

joint heatsocks

We tried the Joint warmers first as when they arrived my son was having some joint pain. So I pulled them out of the box and had him slide them on his legs that were hurting. He loved the warm fuzzy feeling of the joint warmers. I let him wear them for a few hours and checked in with him. He said that his joints were feeling better and that he could bend his knees without them hurting. I could tell they were better because he was all over the place and playing with the kids. Where before he put them on he was just laying on his bed and not wanting to play. We tried them several times over the next few days as he had different joint pain and it seemed to be relieved of pain each time he wore them. This, I can’t begin to tell you is such a relief for us. He has a lot of joint pain so we are hoping that the Joint Warmers continue to help with his joint pain.

The boys then tried on their Batman and Superman Men’s Heat Holder slipper socks. They were instantly in love with them! They were so soft and fuzzy on the inside of the socks. My oldest son had come down with a cold and his feet instantly get cold when he is sick. So he just loved the way they kept his feet warm. My younger son just loved how they fit, the fuzzy inside and the heat also seemed to help with his feet pain as well. They were just so excited that they were in their favorite characters, so warm, and fit them great. The boys are very picky about their socks, but they were instantly in love with the Heat Holder socks.

superman heatsocks

They were so excited, they said when it’s -25 outside their feet will be nice and warm. Yes, we get down to -50 in the winter so warm socks are a must here in Wisconsin! So plenty of layers of clothes are needed here when it’s cold outside. They just loved that they would only need their Heat Holder super hero slipper socks to keep their feet warm. My youngest son will be using both his joint warmers and his Heat Holder super hero slipper socks this winter to help keep his pains at bay. We will definitely be buying more Heat Holder slipper socks and joint warmers as well. I have my eye on a perfect pair of Heat Holder slipper socks for me and some for my family for gifts this holiday season as well. You to can give the gift of warm feet and joints this holiday season and they carry other great gifts for everyone on your list as well!

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