Sunny D Free Books For Classrooms: Open for Teachers & Home Schooling Exp: 11/30 #Library #Teacher #Homeschool

Sunny D teachers

It’s that time again for teachers and homeschoolers, you can get free books for your classroom library. This is such an amazing program from Sunny D, I do remind our readers every year, so that you will not miss out on getting your books. This is such a fun and easy way to build up your library with some fantastic books.

Ask your students or friends and family to save and give you their Sunny D labels so that you can get your books. When you collect 20 labels you will receive 20 books for your library. This program is open to grades K-7th grade. It’s a great time to get everyone collecting the labels for you. Make a request on your facebook page for your friends to save them for you as well. There are so many ways to collect them and let’s not forget to have the family drink Sunny D as well because it’s delicious! I already have my children drinking Sunny D so we can collect our labels for our Homeschool library and for my youngest son’s classroom at school as well.

Once you have your labels, you will want to go to Sunny D and print out your form to send in your books. You will receive 20 books for every 20 labels that you collect. This event is open till 11/30, so you have some time to collect your labels. It’s the perfect way to get kids reading, we have done this event in the past and have always been impressed with the books that we received. All of the instructions are on the website where you print out your form as well as which products are excluded from the program.

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