Star Wars Rogue One Jyn Erso Action Figure 20″ Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


I received the Star Wars Rogue One Jyn Erso Action Figure 20″ for review. It was perfect timing since the Star Wars Rogue One movie just came out and my son’s are just so excited about the movie. They have all the star wars movies and they can’t wait for the Star Wars Rogue One Movie to come out on Blu-ray. They are huge star wars fans so they were so excited to play with the Star Wars Rogue One Jyn Erso Action figure. It was a large action figure that they could pose and recreate scenes from the movie with.

The boys have a bunch of different sized Star Wars action figures so she fit right in with them. I have to say that she looks so much like the actual character. So the boys were so excited to add her to their collection. My granddaughter’s love to play with the boys as they have seen all the star wars movies as well. Of course their favorite characters include the Ewoks, which they think are just so adorable and they want to have one. So when Jyn came they asked their uncles if they could be her when they play together. The boys were happy to let them play with her and my other granddaughter wanted to be princess leia. They use to fight over the Princess Leia action figure but now they can both have one while playing with their uncles.

They were having such a great time creating fun Star wars scenes with their action figures. They were laughing and having fun, they even let me join the fun and be Jyn. I was so excited to be able to join in the fun as normally I watch them playing. Jyn was really a fun character to be, the action figure worked very well. She has moving parts from her arms, legs, and head all moved. They were able to be posed so that she was looking like she was getting ready to fire her weapon. She stood so tall as well. My son’s have the R2D2 robot that is large as well so they got him and R2D2 was having a conversation with Jyn. It was so great to watch the kids having so much fun.

Your child could also have a great time with Jyn Erso as well as they recreate scenes from the movie. Have some fun creating new scenes or just having a great time playing with her. She really is a great action figure to add to your collection to have fun with.
Bring your star wars fun to life with all the wonderful Star Wars Rogue One action figures and have hours of fun recreating the movie or other scenes that you come up with. The fun will never end with Jyn, because you can always create even more fun times. You can purchase Jyn at your local Target store for the holidays. She will make a great gift this holiday season and don’t forget to add more of the Star Wars Rogue One Characters to your collection from the movie as well.

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