Star Wars Eye Found It! Hidden Picture Game Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


Calling all Star Wars fans! The Star Wars Eye Found It game would be a great game for the family to play together. The board is filled with Star Wars actors and things from the movies. My son’s were so excited when they saw the board. They couldn’t wait to play the game with the family.

We started to play the game and the boys were choosing cards and finding the items on the card. They were having a great time playing and they earned points in the rewards pile with each card they got right. The boys are huge star wars fans so it was the perfect game for us to play. So they were so excited to be playing and finding the items on the game board. We continued to play till one of us found R2-D2. Once you find R2-D2 the person with the highest amount of points is the winner.

We played a number of games of Star Wars Eye Found It game, the boys just loved it. It’s one of their favorite games to play. They invited their cousin’s over to play with them and they loved the game as well. The boys were having such a great time playing together. Which gave my cousin and I time to visit without them hovering around us. Something that rarely happens, one of the kids will come in and have to sit with us. So it was wonderful to have time to catch up together and not have the boys saying they were bored.

The boys continued to play and have fun so we made dinner for everyone while they were playing. They continued to play after dinner as well. My Cousin’s son was having a family game night with his boy scout troop so they asked if they could bring the game to play with the other boys. My son’s said they could take it to their meeting to have fun with the other boys. They just wanted to have it back soon so they could play again.

When my cousin brought the game to the boy scout meeting the boys just loved it. They were also having such a great time playing it that I got a call from my cousin asking where they could purchase it for their children for Christmas. I laughed and told them they could find it at Target. They said the boys were just having so much fun with it and they all were asking for it for Christmas. We were so happy that my little cousin’s brought it and it was the most played game at the event. They just loved to play it over and over again.

Then the boys were at my youngest cousin’s cub scout meeting for their family game night and all the boys there loved it as well. So again my cousin was asked where they could purchase the game. She told them they could find it at Target. I have a feeling that there are going to be some happy cub scouts and boy scouts this holiday season when they open their very own Star Wars Eye Found It game.

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