Star Shower Slide Show And Winter Wonderland Holiday Theme Projectors #ChristmasGiftGuide

wonderland star slide show

I received the Winter Wonderland Holiday Theme Projector and the Star Shower Slide Show to review with our family and neighbors. I set them both up, the Winter Wonderland Projector in our living room and the Star Shower Slide Show projector was set up outside.

I set up the Star Shower Slide Show Projector outside first. I have to say it was very easy to set up. You plug it in and then select which theme you would like to show on your home and then just let it go. It was really pretty when I turned it on to show the theme on the house. We had so much fun going through all the themes to see which one we would like to have showing on our home. We decided to change it every couple of days to give everyone something to look at different every few days. The kids are so excited about changing the themes and showing a new one. So they will all take turns picking and changing the theme.

Our neighbors really enjoyed the show on the house as well. They all wanted to know where we got the great decorations! We also have some older neighbors who do not want to take the time to do traditional lights on the house anymore. So I did share where they could purchase these projectors so that they could have beautiful decorations that didn’t require a ladder. Everyone was wondering how the Holiday theme projectors worked so they were excited to see them in action.

winter wonderland projector

I also received the Winter Wonderland Holiday Theme Projector. Now, I have to say it’s my favorite! The scenes that you can choose from are amazing! Halloween has Zombies that look like they are trying to get at you! Christmas has adorable puppies, Santa Waving, Santa by the Christmas tree and so many other great themes. My kids and grandkids were just in awe! The neighbors also loved it as well, as you just choose a theme and it keeps repeating over and over again. It’s a simple process to set up and then you just select the theme.

I did try to set it up in one of the bedroom windows, however, I didn’t have enough distance to set it up to make it large enough to fill the window (It’s a smaller room). So I moved it to the living room window and I was able to get it to fill in the whole window as I had more space to put it further away. It was so funny because we had people stopping in front of our house to watch the Santa Claus waving with their children. It was so cute to see the kids pointing and smiling as they watched. So of course I had to change it to Santa in front of the Christmas Tree for them as well. It has been so much fun to make children’s Christmas magical with the Winter Wonderland Projector as well as the Star Shower Slide Show Projector. It has really made Christmas so much fun but so easy to make the holidays a fun time for everyone!

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