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squawk game

I received the Squawk Game to review with my family. Now, I have to say that I wondered what could be fun about this game. I mean it’s a chicken that you try to have lay and egg. What could be fun about that! It is an adorable chicken, but really how could this game keep the kids attention and get them engaged in the game?

We read the instructions,We set up all the pieces and started to play the game. There is a little bit of assembly to do before you play the game. Now, to play the game you put the egg in place so that the Chicken can lay it when it’s ready. The first player will roll the dice, then they will squeeze the Chicken to make it squawk. It may lay the egg, if the chicken does not lay the egg then it’s the next person’s turn. You continue to play till the Chicken lays it’s egg. Now, when the chicken is going to lay it’s egg then the hen house opens and the chicken lays the egg. When you open the egg if the chick is face up then you keep the token. The person with the most chicks wins the game.

I helped my grandson play with the rest of the kids. They were all laughing at the chicken squawking. They were having a great time and couldn’t wait for their turn to make the chicken squawk. When the eggs came out, the kids would just cheer and wait to see if the chick was face up or down. They were having such an amazing time playing the game that they didn’t want the fun to end. I of course had things I needed to get done so my older son helped my grandson to play the game.

They were completely entertained for a long time, which meant I could get things done while they were having a great time. It was a win/win! I also loved that they were having fun and it wasn’t watching t.v. or having screen time which we have been cutting back on a lot so this was a great way for them to have fun without realizing that they were losing the screen time! They played most of the afternoon with the Squawk game. Then changed to other games.

Squawk would make a great game for a gift! You can find it at all your favorite retail stores. Your child will love it as well and you can have lots of fun playing games with them.

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