What Not To Do If You Think Your Spouse Is Cheating

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When your thinkng that your spouse is cheating, are you correct??? Is there really someone else??? Or is it your imagination just going wild? I know it’s the same for both sexes, they want to know what is going on and if it could really be true after all you have been through together. Then there is always the what does the other person look like? How could he/she do this to me? Before your mind starts with the million dollar questions, stop before you do something that you will regret later.

Your first instint will be to confront your spouse/lover, do not do it! I realize that you want answers to the millions of questions that you have whirling around in your head. However, if your wrong and you confront them there are a few things that are going to happen. One, if they are cheating they are no on guard that you know something is going on, so they will watch what they are doing. Two, if they are not cheating, you could have a whole new fight on your hands that you were not looking for. Three, you have no proof that they are doing anything at this point so letting the cat out of the bag to early could make it more difficult on you.

You need to think about WHY you think they are cheating? What is causing you to feel this way? Is it that they are “working” longer hours now? Is it they are having more friends time, then they have in the past? Are they not answering your calls? What is causing you to think that they are out on the prowl? Someone told you they saw your spouse with someone else? Once you have them defined as to why your feeling this way, and you have it all in order. Then you can start to work on investigating if they are really cheating on you.

You do not want to accuse them without the proof that you need, you also want a game plan of what your going to do if they are cheating. If your going to work it out with them or if your leaving before you have your proof and be ready to do either of your plans. It is not only women that cheat and it’s not only men! It’s a two way street in a relationship, and each person is responsible for their own actions in the relationship. Do not allow friends and family to make your choices for you, only you can make your game plan of what your going to choose to do. Because your the only one who is going to have to live with that choice, they will go on with their lives just as normal.

So be sure that even when your angry that you do not slip, you do not want to lose your temper and giveaway that you have a feeling something is going on. I know this will be difficult but it is very neccessary if you plan to catch them. The less information they have the easier it will be for you to see what is going on. It could be completely harmless and they are having a few drinks with friends just like they said. So until your for sure of what is going on, it’s better to stay quiet about it and life is just normal as always. So many men and women make the mistake of confronting their spouse and then they can not get the information because they go into hiding. Be smarter then your spouse if they are cheating so they will get caught red handed.

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