Splashlings Medical Center Playset And Splashlings Review #Splashlings

splashlings medical center

I received the Splashlings Medical Center Playset, 6 Pack of Splashlings, and a 12 Pack of Splashlings, to review with my family. If you haven’t heard of Splashlings you soon will, they are adorable little ocean creatures from dolphins, fish to mermaids and other sea creatures. They change colors with just a little water. My son and granddaughters were playing with the Splashlings at first without the water. Now, as many of you know my son’s have several health issues so the Splashlings Medical Center was a great choice for us to review.

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I let them create their own fun with the Splashlings Medical Center. Then my son explained that when they go to the Dr’s that the rooms look like that where they go. The grandkids are always asking about the rooms and the Dr’s that they go to so it was a great way to explain it to them. However, it was a fun way for them to learn about it as well. Then I let them play with the Medical center and all the splashlings for a while longer. I then brought out a bowl of water for them and let them change the colors of the Splashlings which really got them excited and wanting to play even longer! They were having so much fun playing, that they didn’t even notice when I was gone doing laundry and other things I needed to do. I can tell you that they ALWAYS notice if I leave the room. However, I was excited to get some things done while they were playing. They were taking turns and sharing, it was great to come back and watch them having fun. They didn’t even get the water all over like I figured they would. It was all still in the bowl.

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They continued to play with it after dinner and they were having a great time again. I can honestly say that I was able to get so much done around the house with them playing that it was wonderful. Usually, it’s 5 kids under foot and all wanting me to entertain them. They were so busy playing that they never even missed me for a minute. I can say that they were having so much fun that at bedtime it was a struggle to get them to clean up but with the promise they could play with them again the next day it went a lot smoother.

The next day I played with the kids with the Splashlings and we had such a great time playing. It was great to have some fun with the kids and I have to say that I loved playing with them as well. I made them a container with separators to put the Splashlings in to keep them all together. The kids thought that they needed their own place to be comfy at night and to sleep, so of course we had to make them somewhere. I have to say that they are even one of the toys that I really like to play with. So we went to Walmart and Target that day as well and picked up some more Splashlings because the kids had been so good. So they were so excited to get more Splashlings. We went home and continued to play with the Splashlings. I have to say that we have been having so much fun with the splashlings and I know they can’t wait to take their splashlings in their little pool this summer and watch them change colors as well. They already take them in the bath with them, which has made bath time so much fun as well. I don’t see them getting bored with the Splashlings any time soon, so I can also see me getting a lot more things done around the house as well.

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