Sozo Super Baby Romper And Jock Footed Romper Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


I received the Super Baby Footie Roomper and the Jock Footie Roomper from Sozo. I have to say they are so stinkin cute! Sozo not only offers Rompers but they also offer Blankets, Gift Sets, Bodysuit and cap sets, and Gowns and Buntings as well as so much more. The clothing they offer are so adorable, they would be adorable for baby shower gifts and Holiday gifts or for your little angel.


I put the Super Baby Footie Romper on my grandson and it was just so adorable on him. My daughter and his dad just couldn’t get enough of his cuteness! The Rompers fit him so well, they were not tight fighting and move with him instead of how some Rompers restrict their movement. They were up for the challenge of a 1 year old. My grandson really gave them a workout but they held up great! He was playing, in his bouncer, playing with his sisters and uncles, of course getting into things that he wasn’t suppose to. He is your typical one year old, but he was a stylish, handsome little guy while he was on the go.

They are going to be growing out of them but not to worry Sozo has a lot of adorable Rompers for you to choose from and in a variety of sizes available. They will make a great baby shower, holiday gift, or just for your little angel. They have a nice selection that your sure to find the perfect Rompers for your child. They are just so cute, comfortable, and ready for your baby to be on the go with them. Sozo has made sure that your child is going to be able to do anything and everything that they want without restrictions and look so stinkin cute while they do it. The quality of the Rompers are high quality, the perfect stitching, they are built to last while still keeping up with your child.

I also love swaddlers and buntings that they offer as well. The Snuggle Bug swaddle blanket, Green Jungle Swaddle Blanket & Cap Set, and other swaddlers are just so cute. They would also make a great photo prop for pictures of your little angel as well as comfort them. Could you imagine the adorable photos that you could take of your child in these swaddlers! The pictures would be great to give to family and friends to announce your new bundle of joy.

You also won’t want to forget their Cuddle mats as well. They are so adorable and perfect for your little angel to lay on and view what is going on around them. They would also be great for when your little one starts to roll over so they are not on the hard floor. I love that they come in adorable animals like the monkey, Ladybug and the terrier puppy. Sozo has thought of so many great products that you can use around your home for your little bundle of joy. While they look adorable using them all! If you have a shower coming up don’t forget to check out the gift sets as well!

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