Sophie’s Seashell Scramble™ Game Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


The Sophie’s Seashell Scramble™ Game has such great Otter, which is Sophie. It’s so adorable! The box is your is the game board and it also has cute shells that are apart of the game as well. It’s really a cute game that your child will love to play.

Sophie’s Seashell Scramble™ Game also is great for fine motor skills and eye hand coordination. I love that it also teaches sharing and taking turns, which children some times have a hard time grasping or wanting to do. So it’s a great game to help them learn that it’s fun to take turns and share with others. My granddaughter’s are still learning to share so I couldn’t wait to play Sophie’s Seashell Scramble Game with them. I thought it would be a great way to help them with a lot of the skills that the game offers while they were having a fun time playing the game.


We sat down to play the game and the girls were so excited that we were going to play the game. They just loved Sophie, they right away wanted to use her to pick up the seashells and see if they could do it. We then started to play the game, the instructions for the game were easy enough for the girls to understand, and know how to play the game. The girls were giggling and having a great time with playing the game. We had my youngest granddaughter start the game. She spun the spinner and we were off and ready to start the game. She landed on 1 seashell, so she picked up Sophie and picked up her shell and placed it in her spot. Then it was her sister’s turn and she spun the spinner and she landed on 2 seashells, so she put the seashells in their spot on her card. Now, when a player has 5 seashells they win the game. So she was pretty excited to have 2 seashells already.

We continued to play the game and as it went on I landed on the hungry otter. Which means I was to take a shell from one of the girls. So I took one from my oldest granddaughter. She wasn’t so thrilled with the idea but understood that if she landed on it she could take a shell from someone else. I also explained she would get more shells if she landed on the spots. So she was then fine with losing her one shell. As we went on with the game she completely forgot about losing the shell as she was filling in her shell card. So it was a great experience with the game, because normally she would have started crying and been an unhappy camper. So she was learning that it wasn’t the end of the world like she had thought before. She ended up winning the game by collecting her 5 shells first.

Sophia’s Seashell game has quickly became one of the girls favorite games, and one that they ask to play all the time. It has really helped the girls to learn that sharing is fun and it’s fine to lose at a game because we can always play again and they may be the winner of the next game. They also have improved on their fine motor skills while having a fun time doing it and not even realizing that they were doing that. This game would be great for family game night or a perfect gift for a birthday or the holidays.

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