SolarPuff Lamp Review

solar puff

Do you lose power all the time during storms? Worry about lighting candles when you lose power? Wish you didn’t have to purchase batteries for flashlights all the time? Scared that candles will start a fire if you fall asleep or that the kids will knock them over during a power outage.

I received the SolarPuff Lamp to review. I have to say that I was interested in finding out more about it and sharing it with all of you. There have been so many this year that have been without power due to storms, Hurricanes, and other natural disasters. So I thought if this works well it could help a lot of families during emergency situations. Not to mention that I have two sons who panic during storms, do not like candles, and the night lights we normally use are not very bright and go through a ton of batteries. So really what did I have to lose by testing the SolarPuff? Nothing!

When it arrived, my eyebrow went up and it had me puzzled as to how this foldable puff was going to light up and give off as much light as they were saying. I really thought that I was going to be disappointed. So I put it to the test, I turned off our lights in our house at night and gave it to my son who panics during storms. I loved that it had a handle that he could carry it anywhere with him. I turned on the lamp and then we were amazed at the amount of light that it had coming from it. It actually would light our Living room and kitchen with this little cube! My son is actually excited for the next storm we have, I really never thought I would hear that from him! If you seen the way that he reacts to storms you would understand why. He literally is clamped onto me and will not let go because he is worried we will lose power.

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I am really impressed! I also thought it would be perfect for elderly with walkers, young children, or the whole family. It would work in any emergency where you need light. I also love that it last 8 to 12 hours and you can recharge it by putting it in sunlight for 5 hours so it’s ready for the next time that you need it. It would really be perfect to have around the house or in your household emergency kit! I also love that it is safe to use with kids, pets, and elderly as well. That you can place it onto anything in your home and not have to worry if it’s knocked over that there will be a fire or that your batteries will run out. It’s really the perfect solution and an amazing concept! The SolarPuff weighs only 2.6 ozs, is 4.3″ tall, is water resistant, recyclable, is able to compact when not in use, and is a product that everyone will want in their home.

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