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Now, if you want a fun trivia and an action game all in one then your going to love Slap. This is a trivia game that everyone will know the answers to. So the whole family can easily play. However, don’t let it fool you, just because everyone can play doesn’t mean it’s going to be an easy win!

Read a question aloud, then all players quickly write their answers on their flaps and let them go–the first flap to SLAP with the right answer earns a point! But think before you act because the fastest writer is not always right. They ask questions that everyone little and older will know. So everyone has an equal chance to win the points. But don’t get in to much of a hurry as it depends on who has the right answers to get the points first. So take your time and make sure it’s the right answer because those who slap it down quickly may not have the right answer even though they were quick.

When we were going to start to play my son’s groaned when I took the game out. However, I read a few of the cards to them before we started and they were saying “oh, I know the answer to those!” so I explained how we were going to play and then we were off to the races. The boys were excited to start but I warned them about just writing down any answer and slapping down their answer because it has to be the correct answer. So they agreed.

We started the game and they were having so much fun. However, they missed a few answers, so we started to take a little more time. They were so excited to start the game again. So we played on and my younger son was on a roll! He just loved playing and he was getting the correct answers. He reached the amount of points needed to play so he won the game. The next game my older son won, but we were laughing and just having so much fun. We continued to play and we were just having fun and it was really helping to improve their reading skills and spelling as well.

We play Slap quite a bit as it’s such a fun game to play, I also love that it promotes reading with them having to read the cards out loud and spelling as well as writing. So it really covers the small motor skills as well without the kids knowing that they are doing it. My son’s just love seeing if they can figure out the correct answer before anyoone else and to see who gets the points. I really liked playing Slap as well because it is really a fun and educational game. I would highly suggest this game for a family game night. It will really be a fun time for the whole family.

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