Sky Zone Party Review Part 2 #Ad #FamilyFun

Preston and Kat

In our party room, Kat and Preston were our Party room coordinators for the event. I have to say I was again highly impressed with them both! They made sure all of our guests had anything and everything that they needed. Now, I’m not use to this so I’m sure I got in their ways more then once during the party. lol I just can never seem to sit still, and let someone else do the work and sit and relax. Half way through the party I was calming myself down so that I could take photos and videos of the kids. I honestly did not have to lift a finger during the party because they were on top of every need or want of our guests. Everyone just adored them as well, they were fun, laughing with us, and just made it a great event. Thank you both again so much for making it a wonderful party! Kat and Preston had even brought all of our coats, shoes, and all our party needs into the room and set them all up for us before we arrived to the room.

wally eating pizza

We had a great time at the party and everything was beyond our expectations for the whole event. My son’s and I were able to enjoy their guests. We were able to talk to everyone and have fun without worrying about if they wanted more to eat or drink.

Boys with their cake

The boys had to have an Avenger’s Marvel Superhero Cake which came out AMAZING! They took care of lighting the candles for us, we sang to the boys and then Preston took care of cutting the cake and asking everyone if they would like Chocolate or vanilla cake as well. They cleaned up the whole party from start to finish, it was a completely relaxing event for everyone. We received so many compliments about the party and how impressed they were with Sky Zone. We again want to thank everyone who helped with the party and the amazing job they did to make it so memorable for everyone who attended. We had our party at the Milwaukee location and we can not recommend Sky Zone enough for your child’s next birthday party or to attend with the family. You can read Sky Zone Party Review part 1 and read about the rest of our party.

*Disclosure* We received a Birthday party to review, all opinions are those of our guests, family and myself.

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