Simple Living Portable Clothes Dryer Review #College #CollegeDorms #DeerHunting #Camping

simple living portable dryer

I received the Simple Living Portable Clothes Dryer from Simple Living to review for this blog post. I tried the Portable Clothing Dryer several times before I made the video of how it works. I also used it inside the house but I also tested it outside as well because I wanted to see how it would do for different ways of us. You could use it for a college student’s dorm, camping, Deer Hunting, or home use. I tried it outside for the camping, Deer Hunting or other outdoor needs. I also tried it indoors for College dorms or home use.

The portable clothes dryer was very easy to put together. It took me a matter of minutes to have it together and ready to use. I at first wasn’t a fan of the zipper because it wouldn’t line up correctly when zipping. However, I noticed that the more I used it the zipper became where it wasn’t so stiff and lined up correctly. I liked how it also had vent holes at the top of the bag to allow the heat to escape. You can hang clothes on hangers and hang them on the eyelets that are on the racks for them to dry easily. The instructions that come with the Portable Clothes Dryer explain to you how long to put the timer on for. I also loved how quiet the machine is.

The Portable clothing dryer would be perfect for the deer hunter in your life as well. They can use the dryer to dry their gear when they are done hunting for the day so that the next day they are ready for a great day of hunting again with warm dry gear. The college students can save money by washing their clothes and then drying them with the portable dryer. It would be a great solution for any time that you need clothing dried. You can even use it on babies clothing if you do not want to use dryer sheets on them and a quiet way to dry them and not wake them up.

Simple living portable dryer1

I’m sure you will find new uses for it all the time. I think that you will really like It for your family. It really was easy to put together and I love that I can store it in a smaller tote and put it away when it’s not in use. It would also fit into a closet easily or many other spaces to get it out of the way when it’s not in use. I also think it would be perfect for a tiny house to use to dry clothes and then put it away till you need it again. Don’t forget if you need a gift for a wedding it could make a great gift as well or for anyone on your Christmas list or any other occasion as well.

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  1. Jeanette says:

    I love it! Thanks for the video too! This would have been great on vacation for drying bathing suits and our laundry that would not dry in the hotel dryer.

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