SillyBrandz: Rad Ringz Review

I received a box in the mail today and the kids ALWAYS get excited when there is a surprise in the mail. It’s just like Christmas! lol So I opened the box and there were five packages of SillyBrandz New Rad Ringz. The packages that I received are pictured above. The Boys eyes lit up, and they were off to the races! Mom, I want this one!

So I opened the packages and I have to say that I loved them! They are soft, no sharp edges to worry about, they are a two finger ring so it’s harder for them to lose, and the kids just went nuts over them. The boys each picked the Rad Ringz they wanted. Then I slid on the ring bling they wanted. They must have spent an hour trading them in and out for different attachments! Telling me that they wanted to be famous, a Rockstar, I need shades MOM! (Sunglasses) and it was just so funny to watch. They then decided that Mom needed to put her bling on! So I opened the package and asked them which one I should wear, they both agreed that I should wear the princess. So I put it on and asked them how it looked. They told me it looked fabulous.

I love that the Rad Ringz come in child and Adult sizes so that you can have the same Bling as your child. What’s better then being the “Cool” Mom or Dad to your child. The boys are having a lot of fun with them, and they are showing their friends as well.

The Rad Ringz are $6.95, they come with the ring and 3 different attachments. I have to say your child will love Rad Ringz, and have so much fun changing the attachments. My sons give the Rad Ringz two thumbs up!

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