Sienna OKASBASHI Sandal Review #Summer #Footwear


I received a pair of black and a pair of brown Sienna sandals to review. When I received them I was excited to see how they feel, fit and would they be a good accessory for summer? When I first picked them up they felt heavy to me. So I was a little worried about the weight of the shoe and having a bad back if they would work for me. I looked inside the sandal and saw the Massage beads and arch support. They had me a little curious how they would feel on your foot as well. So I had a lot of questions but was still waiting on the answers to those questions.

I did have a few answers to my questions, I love that the Sienna OKASBASHI Sandal can be recycled. So it really helps our planet with not leaving more items in our landfills. I tried them on and I loved the Massage beads and arch support in the sandals. It was really comfortable to my feet and I could walk for long periods of time and my feet never hurt from the first time I put them on. Which was a little shocking to me because usually any shoe bugs my feet for about a week till I get use to them. I had no problems. They did not feel heavy on my feet like they did in my hand as well.

devin night to remember prom8

My son had his “A Night To Remember” Prom and I went with him. It’s a Special needs Prom for kids and I wanted to be comfortable while I was there. So I wore my Sienna sandals with my dress. I have to say that if I had wore regular sandals or dress shoes I would have had to sit quite a bit because my back would have started to act up and would have sent shooting pains down my legs as well. So I decided to wear my Black Sienna sandals and see how they did. I didn’t have to sit the whole night! We had an amazing time at the Prom and it has been all my son has talked about since the Prom.

We had an amazing night together, we looked great and we were both completely comfortable. I was thrilled at how well I was able to move around in the dancing, able to keep up with all the kids and get the photos that I wanted. The Sienna sandals helped to make it a memorable night, I didn’t miss a beat and any of the fun.

I have been wearing the Sienna sandals daily since I received them and I really love the comfort. They go great with dresses, shorts, or any outfit you want to wear. I also love the price as they are $23.99 each making them affordable as well. You can’t beat that they are recyclable as well! I see no down side to the sandals. I have been wearing them everyday and I do not even see a sign of wear and tear on them. I really like them, and I’m sure that you will as well.

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