Shoeps Shoelace Bands Stocking Stuffer Review

shoe lace bands

The Shoeps Shoelace Bands are meant to make it easier on children, adults and those with special needs to make putting their shoes on a little easier. The bands are easy to place in the shoes and then you can just slide your feet into them without having to tie them.

If someone has had surgery and can not bend over to tie their shoes the Shoeps Shoelace Bands would make it easy for them to put their shoes on and they would never have to worry about if their show is untied! I wish I would have owned them when my mom had her hip replacement surgery. They would be perfect for an elderly person who again has problems bending to tie their shoes.

My oldest son has a hard time with keeping his shoes tied and is always worried about falling so I added a pair to his shoes. It has made it easier for him to use and we do not have to worry about if his shoe is untied. He just loves the colors that the bands come in. They would be great for special needs children that have a difficult time dressing or younger children who have not learned how to tie their shoes yet. The teens will love the color selections that are available as well.

The Shoeps Shoelace Bands will make the perfect stocking stuffer for everyone on your Christmas shopping list. Now, you can’t blame me if you have to have every color they offer because the colors of the bands are so pretty. I also love the rainbow set that they offer as well so that you can have one of almost each color they offer! So you can have your shoes easy to slip on as well as colorful! You really will find a pair that will suit everyone on your Christmas shopping list.

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