Make Sure Your All Set For Your Child’s Sports Games This Summer #sports #SportsParents


It’s that fun time of year almost when the kids sports for the summer will be starting up. The line up of a couple of games a day to watch our kids run around those bases, kicking a goal, kicking a field goal, and having a great time while doing it all. Who doesn’t love seeing those huge smiles on your child’s face after a great game!

portable folding bench

We are going to make sure your very comfortable at the games this summer because that’s very important to have a comfortable family cheer team. I mean let’s face it if you have those metal bleachers they are not the most comfortable things in the world! So we have found the Cascade Mountain Tech Portable Reclining Seat to make those bleachers much more comfortable. If you have a large crew coming to watch the games then the you will love these Multi Seat Portable Folding Team Bench with 4 seats, Multi Seat Portable Folding Team Bench with 6 seats, or the Multi Seat Portable Folding Team Bench with 8 seats. Everyone can be comfortable on these great benches and you can all sit together with no problems. I also love that it folds up easily, goes into a storage bag and can fit right in the trunk as well as leave plenty of room for anything else you need to fit in there.
With any of these comfortable seats your going to be able to enjoy the game and cheer your child on during the games.

water bottles

Now that you have your comfortable seating, don’t forget you need to keep your family hydrated during the game! The adorable Personalized water bottles for the family everyone can have their names on them so that they know which one is theirs. They come in a variety of colors as well with your name engraved for you. You also want to make sure that you have plenty of snacks for the family, even more so if you have little tiny ones with you.

coleman cooler

The Coleman 42-Can Wheeled Soft Cooler With Hard Liner will make it easy to have lunch, snacks, and everything that you need handy. I don’t know about you but my kids start from the time we get to the field till we are ready to go home with the “I’m hungry!” or the “I want a snack!”. So I make sure I have healthy options available for them to choose from. I like to pack apples, grapes, and oranges for the kids to choose from for snacks. I also pack raisins in the pocket of the cooler to keep them handy for a smaller snack for the kids. We also pack a clean eating veggie pasta salad, sandwiches, and some other goodies for our lunch like string cheese. We are then ready for the game and to have everything we will need while there. I also pack extra drinks to refill out water bottles with so they stay cold on those hot days.

Your now all ready to go to the field, have a great time watching your child play. No matter what sport your child plays your going to be comfortable, have some great foods for the family to eat and keep them cooled. Not to mention on those hot days keep your child’s drink and the rest of your families drinks cool in those great water bottles with their names on them so that there is not the which drink is mine? I don’t want that one because it’s hers or his! You can have a relaxing day and just enjoy the game.

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