Send Personalized And Free Christmas Videos To Your Children And Give Back At The Same Time! #Santa #PortableNorthPole #Ad

Make Christmas even more magical by offering a personalized video message from Santa now from!

You can send your child a personalized video from Santa and watch as their eyes get huge as saucers when he knows their name. You can add photos of them as well, they will be amazed at all the things that Santa knows and that Santa knows what they have been doing. After all he is checking his list and checking it twice to know who has been naughty or nice.

Your child will wonder how Santa knows so much and how his magical book can tell them what they have been doing and how they have been behaving. Praising them for some of the things they have done and so much more. The child will be so surprised that Santa knows so much about them. If they are being little stinkers it could get them flying right because they know Santa is keeping an eye on them.

You will just love watching the surprised look on their little faces as they receive a call from Santa and he tells them that he can’t wait to visit them. There are 19 different personalized calls that you can choose from to have them receive. I have had Santa call my son’s and grandchildren and they all just get so excited and wide-eyed when they hear Santa talking to them. They didn’t believe that parents can talk to Santa and that he would call them. They were just so thrilled they got to talk to Santa, how he knew so much about them.

While your making all this Christmas magic for your children, your also helping to give back at the same time! Portable North Pole donates to Children’s hospitals when you purchase a Pass to have more magical Christmas fun for your child. It’s a perfect way to make a little Christmas cheer for a sick child as well. Head over to make get your call from Santa and make your videos as well. You can save 20% off Passes when you use the promo code: BLG20PNP at the checkout.

**Disclosure** We have been compensated in discounted services or monetary compensation for this post. All opinions pertaining to this post are honest feelings of myself or our family.

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