Save On Back To School Shopping Now And Save Tons Of Money #Shopping


It’s not even the end of the school year yet but savings are in full swing right now for next school year! Unless you have a money tree in the backyard that your hiding your going to want to know how to get these savings now! No matter if your child goes to a public or private school, you can use the savings for next seasons back to school! Sending children back to school can be so costly and lets be honest they want the brand names which could break the bank!

I also realize that they will grow over the summer, I always take that into consideration when I purchase next year’s clothing. My youngest will jump two sizes in clothing in the summer. I swear it’s like someone sprinkles miracle grow on him when I’m not looking! He also goes up another size during the school year! So when back to school shopping I shop smart for him and purchase 2 different sizes so when the growth spurts occur I’m ready for them! I also do this with his shoes as well because he is so hard on them as well as his feet growing. You know how your child grows as well, unless they are like my daughter and sometimes difficult to predict what they are going to do. At which point I buy the next two sizes up for her as she doesn’t grow as much as my son. My granddaughter’s are on my back to school shopping this year as well. So I have several children to purchase for and they are all different sizes.

There are some great deals on winter clothing right now as stores are bringing in the spring and summer clothing. Old Navy stores have shirts for $.97 and up, Walmart has pants for $2.50 for little ones up to size 6, Family Dollar has whole outfits for 60% off. The jeans are on sale as well right now so be sure to grab the next sizes up that you need as well. All the stores are having different deals so be sure to check your favorite stores and your child’s to get the deals that you want. There are deals everywhere right now that could save you a bundle later for back to school shopping! There are a lot of stores that are closing as well. Keep an eye out for them in your area and you could get clothing for up to 75% off! There are deals everywhere that can save you a bundle for back to school.

I just suggest that you get some blank shirts as we will be showing you how to add some style to them before school starts back up as well. Old Navy has the perfect shirts to do these projects with. I suggest getting the long sleeve shirts with nothing on the fronts to make designs on and we will be showing you how to glam them up for girls and how to make them amazing for the boys as well with just a little bit of effort on your part. Your child will have some great one of a kind shirts that all the kids will want and your child is going to love them as well. So all these deals will help you to save and make some great DIY shirts for your child/ren.

So ready set Save, go grab those great deals before they are gone. I do suggest getting two of each in the sizes that you want for your child. Make the savings worth it and last till the next deals come along! Keep an eye out for how to design your shirts and other clothing as well for back to school styles they are going to love!

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