How to Save Money Cleaning Your House

Purchasing items to clean your home on a weekly basis is costly. There are so many products out there raiding your pockets. To keep a clean home, all it takes is a few essential cleaning agents. Here are 4 ways to save money cleaning your home.

Get Back to the Basics

Our grandparents and great-grandparents did not have hundreds of name brand specialty cleaning products. They may have had one or two cleaning agents they purchased at the store. Other than that, they stuck to the basics and made their own cleaners and disinfectants.

Common household ingredients you can find in your kitchen include lemons because they act as an antibacterial agent and smell great. Vinegar is safe and used to clean many products. Finally, baking soda is used as a mild abrasive, and when combined with vinegar, can fizz off tough grease or fight mildew.

Let the Manufacturers Help You

You may not think you can save much by couponing, however, if you take the time to clip your Sundays paper or visit the manufacturer’s website to find rebate offers and coupons, you can save a ton of money on cleaning supplies. Be sure to join survey sites or reward programs where companies will send you their products for free. Don’t forget to check out the weekly sales ads.

Have a Routine Carpet Cleaning Schedule

Carpets, especially high traffic areas, need to be cleaned often. First, minimize tracking dirt and bacteria throughout your home by having everyone take their shoes off at the door. Otherwise, you may find yourself purchasing area rugs to mask the damages and stains.

Some people think it’s best to hire a professional carpet cleaner to come out, however, they can charge up to $200 for just an 800 square foot area. Instead, check out check out renting a steam cleaner. You can check with your local hardware store and possibly rent for as little as $25 a day.

Purchase Reusable Items

When budgeting, reusing items helps you quickly find your savings. It’s similar to saving your grocery store plastic bags to take your lunch to work with you. Who needs to purchase brown bags anymore?

Instead of using disposable mops and buying the disposable pads monthly, get a good old fashion mop. You can clean, dust, and scrub your home with microfiber cloths or opt for a cleaning sponge. Yes, sponges can carry bacteria, but the solution is to wet the sponge each night after using and nuke for about 3 minutes in the microwave. Every few days you can also soak them for an hour in a solution of bleach, water, and fresh lemon juice.

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