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Does your family love tuna but not the mercury that it contains? Have you been looking for a healthier tuna choice for your family? We always worry about the fish our family is eating, is it safe, is there a lot of mercury, how do we know if it is safe for our family?

Safe Catch, has taken all the guess work out of tuna for you. They test every can of tuna to check the level of mercury before it is sent out to customers. They make sure there is less then 90% of mercury in each can then required by the FDA. The tuna is also processed different then other tuna companies as well. They have found that the best quality tuna, Safe Catch raw packs hand cut fish and they cook-in-can to seal in all the nutrients. Your tuna will have so much more flavor, and be perfect for your recipes.

I love that Safe Catch Tuna looks fresh when you open the can, it smells delicious and ready for any dish that you would like to make with it. Now, keep in mind that other tuna comes already broken down into pieces. Safe Catch is so fresh that you will need to break it down into pieces but the fresh flavor in your dish is just so flavorful and delicious that you will love it. I made some delicious opened face Tuna Melts with Safe Catch. My family was impressed with the flavor of the melts with Safe Catch.

The Tuna Melts had more flavor then with our usual brand of tuna that we always use. The tuna was fresher and spread along nicely on the English muffins to make the tuna melts. The Safe Catch Tuna would be perfect to make a tuna casserole, Tuna Loaf, or other delicious recipes that you and your family love. Our opened face tuna melt recipe is so easy to make that you will love it any time of year!

Tuna Melt Recipe:

6 English muffins
2 cans of Safe Catch Tuna
1 cup Mayo
1/4 tsp fresh or bottled lemon juice
12 slices of American Cheese

Step 1: Split your English muffins in half

Step 2: In a medium bowl mix together your tuna, lemon and mayo, you can add a dash of pepper and salt to your liking

Step 3: Put the tuna mixture on top of the English muffin and place a slice of cheese over the top

Step 4: Place Tuna melts onto a cookie sheet and bake at 350 till cheese melts

Serve with fresh fruit and fresh veggies with dip and your lunch is complete.

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