It’s A Sad Day When Parents Are Buying Bullet Proof Backpacks For Their Children #SchoolShootings

Bullet proof backpacks

I can not even fathom what the parents and the children of the latest school shooting in Florida have endured. What they are still going through in the wake of the shooting. I can not comprehend what the parents, children and staff have gone through with other school shootings. In a month span we have had several threats of school shootings where we live as well. One happened yesterday and that is alone scary enough with just a threat so I can not even begin to imagine when one occurs what the after math and what the parents, students, and staff have gone through, I really can not even comprehend that this is something we have to wrap our heads around to begin with.

I also want to send out our heart felt thoughts and prayers for all of those in Florida who were affected by the latest shooting. It was heartbreaking to watch on the news as it was live and I could feel my heart racing while watching it. I can not begin to put myself in the parents shoes that were there waiting to see their child/children. I can not even begin to express as a parent how I felt as I watched this unfold on the news. I personally never thought that there would be a day that we would have to fear for our child’s safety while they were in their classrooms and school, as I’m sure many of you didn’t as well. Unfortunately, it has become a reality and something that we as parents have to face with our children.

Today as I was scrolling through my facebook feed, the reality of it really hit me as I saw some parents stating they were purchasing Bulletproof Backpacks for their child/Children. WHAT! When did that become a thing!!!! I had never heard of a Bulletproof Backpack before. I’m sure they were a product not just recently made and have been around but I had never done a “Hey let’s see if they make a Bulletproof Backpack” search before because why would you. I mean maybe if you were in a profession that was dangerous like a Police Officer or something like that you would need one. But to go to school…who would think that you would want to purchase one for your child! It is seriously a sad, sad day when you go and look at them and a lot of them are sold out because parents are purchasing them for their children. When did we go from Paw Patrol, Frozen, and other Character backpacks to nope we don’t need Characters we need Bulletproof! As a parent I have to say that this does not put me at ease by any means! There has to be a better way to protect our children then purchasing Bulletproof Backpacks.

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