Rummage Sale Season Is Here….Time To Refurbish Furniture And Make It New Again


I have already starts to see Garage Sales starting up this summer. I get so excited to see them as it means a couple of things to me. I can get some great deals, refurbish furniture, yard toys for the kids for summer fun, and other items that I am looking for. Of course sometimes I don’t know I’m looking for it till I see it and get a vision of what I want to turn it into.

This summer we will be doing a lot of refurbish projects and showing how you can do them at home as well. I love to create new furniture with other peoples things that they no longer want. I make them new again and either keep them, sell them or give them as gifts. So be sure to keep an eye out this summer for those pieces that you would like to refurbish for your home. You will be able to refurbish pieces into what you need them to be, from adding more storage to functional pieces that you need for your new home or apartment. I have many pieces that I will be showing you this summer that you can be on the lookout for as well while your at garage sales or yard sales.

While your out at the sales be sure to look at a piece that catches your eye and think about what you could turn it into. Don’t let the lack of a seat missing, lack of paint or other missing glory make you walk away from it. If it is a great sturdy piece of furniture then you can create a lot of great things with it. I will be making projects for adults as well as kids for you to see the before and after’s of. I can’t wait to show you our projects that we create, the fun we have doing them, and how you can create them as well.

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