Rosewell 1100W Oil-Less Low Fat Air Fryer Review

Rosewell oil less air fryer

We have all heard that eating a lot of fatty foods is not good for our health. However, is it just me or are those the best tasting and we always want them! I know our family loves to eat those foods, however, I want to keep them healthy for them. My oldest son just loves fries but all that oil that you cook them in gets me nervous for his health and even more so because he already has health problems. So I try to cut down his and all of our fried food in take. We are trying to eat healthier and it’s very important to me that we keep our Cholesterol levels low.

I was able to review the Rosewell 1100W Oil-Less Low Fat Air Fryer with my family. I was very curious how it would work without using oil to fry with. My son requested his fries and so I thought perfect time to test it. The hardest family member to please was going to be our tester. So I placed the frozen fries into the basket, pushed the basket in and then set the fryer for the fries and the amount of time stated on the fryer. I then pulled his fries out and let them cool a bit and we let him eat them. Now, I did not tell him that they were air fried or he wouldn’t have tried them because he is so picky! He took a bite and he just loved them, he ate them all as I only gave him a small portion and he requested more! Score for Mom!

All of our fried foods will now be made in the Rosewell 1100W Oil-Less Low Fat Air Fryer. If they can sell my son on his favorite foods being air fried, it’s a keeper! The Rosewell Oil-Less Low Fat fryer was so easy to use, you push a couple of buttons and it’s frying your foods for you. It was so simple to use, even someone who can’t boil water can use it. The instructions are located right on the top of the Air Fryer, there is nothing difficult to this machine. I just loved the ease of using it as well as the design of the machine. The clean up was so simple as well that you can clean the basket in minutes.

The Rosewell 1100W Oil-Less Low Fat Air Fryer would make a great gift this holiday season! It would be great for those who are love to cook and those who are trying to eat healthy. If you have someone who is just learning to cook it would be a great addition to their kitchen as well. I will also love using the Rosewell 1100W Oil-Less Low Fat Air Fryer in the summer to make fries and different dishes so I won’t heat up the house as well. It’s the perfect machine for all year round!

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