Rocket Fishing Rod Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


The Rocket Fishing Rod is able to cast the line out up to 30 feet. Children don’t have to worry about getting the hook caught on them as it drops down after the bobber hits the water. It also helps make getting the fishing line tangled and snagging it on things while fishing. It’s a great fishing rod for all ages, including those first time fisherman.

The fishing rod is Recommended for ages 8 and up. It includes the Rocket Fishing Rod, 1 Safety Bobber, 2 hooks, 150 feet of 8-pound test fishing line, 2 line stops, 1 weight and complete instructions. My oldest son is afraid that he will get hooked when he goes to cast so he was excited to try the Rocket Fishing Rod. We took it outside and I showed him that he couldn’t get hooked so he was really excited to try it out. We were in the yard and I had him away from trees and anything that he could hit with the bobber. So he let it cast it out and he had a huge smile on his face. He was so impressed with how far the bobber went and how easy it was for him to cast. He looked at me and said “Mom! Did you see that!” I told him that I sure did and his eyes just got huge.

Many of you know that my oldest son has special needs so we try to keep things as normal as possible for him. However, he was always afraid to cast out a fishing line. So I always did it for him, then he would reel in the fish if he caught one or he would reel in the line and when it got so close to him he would hand me the pole because he was afraid of the hooks. The Rocket Fishing Rod has put his mind at ease and he is so excited that he can now fish on his own and not worry about the hook. He can cast it on his own and reel it all the way in as well. He was so thrilled, the smile on his face was plastered there every time he told someone in the family that he could cast his own fishing pole now! So my dad had to come over to see him cast his fishing pole. So my son took it outside again with my dad and told me that I didn’t need to cast for him that he could do it now. So he cast out the line and my dad told him how proud he was of him for casting his own line out. Then he watched him reel it in and my dad was so excited for my son.

It’s going to be a long summer of fishing in the summer. I know he and my younger son will be up and ready to go fishing early because they are both excited about going now. My older son said that he is going to catch some big bass with his new pole. I love seeing the huge smile on his face and the fact that it’s the perfect pole for him to use and he is not afraid to use it. So we will be filling up his tackle box over the winter with more bobbers and line so that he is all ready for this coming summer. If you have a little fisherman (boy or girl) who is looking forward to fishing the Rocket Fishing Rod would make a great gift!

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