Robotlab Game Review


I received the Robotlab Card Game to review with my family. All opinions are those of myself and my family. We have played the Robotlab and have shared our views on the game with you.

If your looking for a stem game for your child, then Robotlab would be a fun game to add for your child to learn some great Science with. The goal is to get your robot made first before the other players. However, do not think it’s going to be so easy as players can sabotage your robot by removing parts, adding different colored parts to your robot and stopping you from adding parts as well. So players from Age 6 and up can play to try to get their robot built first.

When you start the game the first player chooses 3 cards and the next player (If your playing with 2 people) choose 5 cards. Then you start to assemble your robot on your turn. You will need to add the head, legs and arms to the robot to win. You need to add your colored parts to your robot but beware because others can add their colored parts to your robot and then you will have to get a action card that states you can remove that part and continue to build your robot. So the game does get interesting and the kids get so excited when they are close to winning.

The kids had a great time trying to get their robots built first. They were able to grasp the concept of the game and play along with the older kids. They were also able to figure out which sabotage cards to use to stop others from winning the game as well. They were playing and doing really well. I even had my 3 year old granddaughter playing but we took out the sabotage cards and played a little different so that she was able to play as well because she didn’t want to just help me play. So her and I played a game by ourselves and she loved having that one on one time and building robots with me.

The teens played as well with the little ones, the older kids liked to play with the younger kids but they thought it was to young of a game for them to play by themselves. It would make a great stem game for the holiday season as a gift. You can order Robotlab on Amazon and receive it for Christmas still!

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