Review: Tempaper Removable Wallpaper, Make Redecorating Easy!

Tempaper removable wallpaper

I received samples of Tempaper Removable Wallpaper to review. I received several different designs so that I could match them up to see how hard or easy it would be to match them up like you would on a wall. I was a little skeptical when they arrived, how easy they would be to match up. I loved that you do not need wallpaper paste to apply the Tempaper Removable Wallpaper. I also loved that you just remove the backing off the wallpaper and apply it to the wall.

The Wallpaper is very sturdy, would be very easy to wash down during spring cleaning, and the designs are a great variety of wood looks, designs, and so much more. You will easily be able to find a design that you would love in your home. I tried to match up the wallpaper of a wood design, a pattern design as well as a lined pattern that had several lines going in several directions. I have to say it was so easy to match up the lines for all the designs that I received and it was so easy to put on the wall that I placed them on. If I didn’t match them up quite right, it was easy to remove and get them matched up.

I was highly impressed with the designs, the ease of putting the papers together and the elegant look of the wallpaper. You really can not go wrong with Tempaper, you will love how easy it is to remove if you change your mind at a later date and want to change the look of the room. You could even place it back onto a new backing and keep it so that you can use it in a different room later or put it back up again if you would like to. You will not have to use a steamer to remove it, it will not take hours upon hours to remove it like normal wallpaper. There are no down sides to using Tempaper to decorate your room.

I am just in love with Tempaper Removable Wallpaper, we have been trying to decide what to use to revamp our basement for the longest time. I think we have finally figured out what design and removable wallpaper we are going to use! If your going to redecorate your home before the holidays or in spring, your really going to want to explore all the removable wallpaper that Tempaper has to offer! Happy redecorating!

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