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There are so many ways to review products at home from companies. You can choose the products that you would like to review for either free or at a deep discount! Christmas will be here in just 12 weeks! I know, time is just flying! It’s really a great time to get a head start on your Christmas shopping and review some great products at the same time. There will also be those products that you have really been wanting that you can purchase at a great discount.

You can review products from household to electronics, clothing, pet products and so much more! Let’s not forget the children’s toys and clothing as well as baby products. If your having a little angel or someone you know is it would be a great way to have shower gifts as well. There are so many great products that you can review and use around your own home as well.

There are several companies that you can review products for and have them mailed right to your door to review. You will love how easy it is to choose the products you want to review and how fast they come to your door. You can also share this with friends and family so they can enjoy reviewing products as well. I have been reviewing products for a while now and just love it. I always try out different things before I post about them for you to try to ensure that the products will come to you and everything works the way it’s suppose to.

I’m including the list of review sites for you to sign up at and how to sign up so that your ready to start. It really is very simple! The websites will open in another tab on your computer for you so you will still be able to see the instructions of what to do here. I try to make it as simple as possible for you. You do need to have an Amazon account to do the reviews but do not need to have a prime account.

* Dollar Deal Reviews will give you 200 tickets when you sign up to use to purchase your first reviews. Once you have finished your reviews you will receive more tickets to use to “purchase” more review products that you would like to review.

* Elite Deals club and use the email as the person that invited you. You need to be invited by someone or you will not be able to join.

* Amazing Deals Group

* Home Product Testing

These will get you started on a fun new adventure of reviewing a number of different products. Make Christmas shopping a little less on your budget and your going to love when they arrive and you get to review them! Have fun everyone!

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