Remembering those we lost on 9/11

Please remember today those we lost on that horrible Day and their families as well.  It was a sad day for America when the towers came down and all we could do is watch in horror as we wondered what would come next.

I still remember where I was when it all began. I was getting my children ready for school and the T.V. was on and the news came across with a view of what was going on. My poor daughters not understanding it at the time but they do now. They will always remember it as I’m sure we all will. 

I was pregnant with my oldest son and wondered what the world was coming to when we weren’t even safe on our own soil. Just watching in horror as those planes crashed into the towers. I prayed for those families who lost family and loved ones that day.

To those who went to give a hand to those who were trapped, your courage, and selfishness has still not gone unnoticed. It will be remembered by many even though we may never know your names, our silent thank you should be heard by you.

To our Military and their families, we Thank you for all that you do to keep us safe from this ever happening again. You give up so much of your precious time and your family to make sure that we can walk our soil and know that we are fine and will not have to be afraid. We could never repay you for all that you do for our families.

Today I would like to request that if you meet or see a service person, a fire fighter, or another person who has made our life simple by what they do please give them Thanks for all that they do for us.

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