Rainbow Magformers Set Review

Magformers 30 pc rainbow set

The 30 pc Rainbow Magformers would make for the perfect Christmas gift this holiday season. Your child can let their imagination run free and build so many things with the Magformers.

Magformers have a magnet that connects them when you place them together so your creations can come to life. They come in beautiful rainbow colors that your child is sure to love. It will also help them to learn their colors while they play. I also love that they would be perfect for those long car trips to keep them entertained in the back seat and not asking “Are we there YET?”, they can play while your driving and have fun making buildings, a castle for their dolls, or anything else their little hearts desire.

I played with my son’s and granddaughter’s with the Magformers and they just loved letting their imaginations run wild. They built a castle for their dolls, they also built a “circus” for the animals. We had such a great time playing together, the kids didn’t want the fun to end so while I made dinner they continued to play. They were creating so many different things with the Magformers for hours. The next day they were back playing and having more fun. They just had so much fun, I enjoyed watching them create so many fun things with the pieces. They have wanted to play with them everyday since we opened them. I love watching their creativity and it is the perfect way to teach my granddaughter’s their colors without them knowing that they are learning them.

We always promote creativity in our house and with Magformers they have made it so easy for my son’s and granddaughter’s to have a new creative outlet. We will add to our Magformers so that they will be able to build even more creative things. I just love how their little minds work when they are playing with them and all the things they come up with to create. Magformers makes it so easy for them to bring them to life as well. They would make the perfect gift for any child on your Christmas shopping list!

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