Plackers Dual Grip Flossers and the adorable monkey shapped flosser holder Review

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Have you found it’s hard to keep your child interested in taking care of their teeth and gums? Do you always have to remind them to floss? Flossing is one of the hardest things for children to remember to do but is so important to their oral hygene care. My son’s have a difficult time flossing with regular floss so we have found the answer to their flossing needs and keeping their gums healthy.
Plackers Dual Grip Flossers makes it easier for children to floss their teeth. They come with a wonderful dual grip that helps children be able to grasp the flosser and use it easily. My youngest son has Elders Danloss, it makes grasping smaller objects a little more difficult but he has no problems using the Plackers Dual Grip Flossers . He can hold it easily and floss his teeth on his own. I use to be the only one that could floss his teeth so it’s wonderful that he can do it independently now.

The fruit smoothie flavors that are available are great tasting as well! They love the fruit smoothie flavor as well which makes them want to use the Plackers Dual Grip Flossers and helps them to remember to. I think that you will find that your child will look forward to flossing as well. We also love the adorable monkey shapped flosser holder as well it’s so cute and it’s easy for my son’s to grab the Plackers Dual Grip Flossers. I have it placed right where they can see it as a reminder as well. However, I really no longer have to really remind them as they love flossing with Plackers Dual Grip Flossers.

The boys even put their Plackers Dual Grip Flossers in a ziplock baggie and put them in their backpacks so they can floss after lunch and bring them to their dad’s when they stay there. I’m so happy that we tried Friendly Flossers and my son’s are loving using them. We will be trying some of the other flavors that the Plackers Dual Grip Flossers offer as well for them. It has made flossing so much easier and I no longer have to fight with them about flossing now Make your and your child’s life easier and dental cleaning so much easier with Plackers Dual Grip Flossers you will all be so happy that you did. Your child will love their next dental visit when the Denist notices that they have been flossing and keeping their teeth and gums healthy. You can purchase your friendly flossers at Walmart, Publix, Safeway and

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