Pictopia™ Star Wars Edition Family Trivia Game Review #StarWars

Pictopia Star Wars game

While we are awaiting the new Star Wars movie we received Pictopia™ Star Wars Edition Family Trivia Game to play with my son’s. They were so excited to sit and play the game as a family. We have seen every Star Wars movie so we couldn’t wait to play the game together. They sat down and I set up the game with them and then watched them play.

The questions were easy enough for both of my son’s and they were having a great time playing together. They were laughing and having a great time. The Pictopia Star Wars Edition Family Trivia Game is for ages 3 and up. So it’s perfect for any age Star Wars fan to play. There are 1000 Trivia questions so you will never be bored with the game! I loved how at times my son’s needed to work together and at other times they answered the questions by themselves. It is a great way for kids to learn teamwork and how to work together to find an answer. Prove whether you are a Padawan or Jedi Master when your knowledge of Star Wars is tested with 1,000 questions on the iconic planets, ships, villains, and heroes from a galaxy far, far away.

Even adults will love playing Pictopia Star Wars Edition Family Trivia Game. You could play teams as well with the game if you have a younger and an older child playing as well so that the whole family can play. It was so much fun for us to play and we were having so much fun! We found the questions easy enough so that we could all play but still complex enough for adults to play as well. Feel the Force questions add an exciting twist by revealing how much you sense about other players. Become a true Jedi Master with the Star Wars Pictopia trivia game. It would make the perfect gift for any Star Wars Fan on your Christmas List!

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