Pan Loco Recipe (Crazy Bread)

I was thinking about making some Winter comfort foods tonight for Dinner and thinking of some frugal recipes that the family loves that we haven’t had for a while. It just popped into my head that we haven’t had Pan Loco in a long time. So I’m going to be making it tonight. Now, for this recipe there isn’t really exact measuring done for the bread.

Bread (enough to fill pan)
2 apples peeled, cored and chopped into medium size chunks
1 cup of raisins
3 tablespoons of Brown Sugar
2 cups of Water
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
1/2 a package of 8oz cheddar shredded Cheese

I tear the bread into pieces (using the older bread up first) to fill the pan, I use a 9 X 9 pan or little larger. Then I add in the apples and Raisins and cheese. On the stove I put the water with the brown sugar and cinnamon and heat it till the sugar is melted. Then I pour it over the bread and mix it till all the bread has the brown sugar mixed in and it’s all wet. Then I bake at 350 till the apples are soft (cover the pan). You can make a powder sugar glaze to put over it if you have a sweet tooth but we eat it without. You can serve while warm or cold and it’s just YUMMY! We sometimes like to put ice cream over the top while it’s warm as well.

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