$.99 Amazon Movie Rental Even For New Release Movies Exp: 1/23

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Is it to cold outside to do anything, the family saying their bored? Did you just get snow and your looking for a relaxing evening with the family? Not a problem, Amazon has a great movie rental deal going on right now! You can even rent some of the new release movies and you have 30 days to watch the movie from the date of rental. So it will come in handy for one of those lazy family nights or an at home “date night” as well. Pop some popcorn, get some wine, or whatever your favorite movie treats are and settle in for a great movie night!

Head over to HERE.

There are over 49,000 to choose from!) for just $0.99 when you enter promo code MOVIE99 at checkout – limit 1 per person. Once you have rented a movie, you will have 30 days to start watching the video and 24 hours to finish once it’s been started. It includes all the new releases! Pete’s Dragon, Finding Dory, Sully, Suicide Squad and so many more!

In order to apply the discount code, be sure to follow these instructions (please note that this promo does not appears to be geared towards checking out via mobile phone):

After choosing a movie, click on the “More Purchase Options” button found under the Rent or Buy Movie buttons, then you’ll click on the “Redeem a gift card or promotion code” button, enter the code MOVIE99 and finish checking out. This deal is good through Jan. 23rd to get your movie rental.

We hope that you enjoy the movie rental and we love that it’s even cheaper then redbox to rent a movie from as well as movie rental stores. Not to mention that these options also do not give you 30 days to watch the movie they normally have to be back within a day or two and then that is it. So this is great that you can save it till you have time to watch it or it would be great if the kids are sick.

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Honduras Cacao Chocolate Bars Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


Have you tried Honduras Cacao Chocolate Bars? They are perfect for eating or cooking with. I tried the 70% Cacao Organically made candy bar and it was just delicious. I was craving chocolate and well it was calling my name. So what can you do but unwrap it and eat some squares to quench that need for chocolate. It had a very rich chocolate flavor and even my son’s loved it when I shared some pieces with them.

I also decided that I would use it to make some delicious treats for the family as well. So I went on their website and saw recipes to make several great goodies. So I decided to make the Vegan Coconut Raspberry Rum Truffles and they were just delicious, my family just loved them. We are going to make more of them before Christmas because they were just so good. The flavors were just a perfect blend of delicious chocolate and Raspberries. I also made their recipe for the Gluten-Free Banana Fudge Bread as well and it was just delicious, my family could not tell it was gluten free. I like to change up our recipes to make all different kinds of recipes for our family and these were a huge hit with them. I plan to make the Cranberry Orange Chocolate Mousse for dessert for Christmas day. I have to say I can’t wait to try it out and see how the family likes it.

You can use the Honduras Chocolate bars to make so many different recipes. It is really a delicious treat when you use it. We loved both of the recipes that I made and I plant to make the recipes again along with a few others as I want to try the Hunduras Chocolate in a Chocolate Lava Cake for Christmas as well because I think it would be just amazing. It’s a great way to keep your family guessing on what you will make next with their delicious bars. They also offer Culinary Chocolates as well as Cacao powder, so that you can use them in your favorite recipes.

If your a chocolate lover your soon to be in pure cacao heaven with the chocolate baking items that the Honduras Chocolate Company offers. They really have an amazing selection that you won’t want to miss out on. I hadn’t heard of their company before I tried their bars but I have to say that I will continue to purchase them as they do make amazing recipes that are not difficult to make but look like you spent so much time on them. They will really impress your guests and family as well.

So if your looking for quality chocolate to bring your favorite recipes to life then Honduras chocolate is really going to be just what you would want. They have so many varieties that your sure to find just what you need. Now you can’t blame me when you become addicted to their cacao and have to have more to make your families favorite recipes.

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Deadpool 3D Deco Light Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


Calling all Super Hero fans! If you have a super hero fan then they are going to just love this Deadpool 3D Deco Light it will be the perfect addition to any super hero room. My son’s are huge into super hero’s and their room is done in Super Hero everything. They just love it. So of course why not add a Deadpool 3D Deco Light for a night light to add some more light for at night.

My son’s like to have a light in the room but I don’t like to leave their room light on so I thought this would be a great compromise as they do not like the normal night lights. They get up a lot in the middle of the night so the light comes in handy for them. So why not have it help decorate their room and fit right in with the rest of their décor. They were so excited when I showed them the Deadpool 3D Deco Light and they couldn’t wait to put it on the wall. So I helped them put it on the wall with the wall decal where they wanted the light to go. I then put the light up after putting in the batteries for it. I really like that it doesn’t plug in so that I don’t have to worry about the cord or having it near an outlet for it to work.


When I got it up on the wall it was during the day. So the boys couldn’t wait for the night to come so that they could see the light in the dark. They could see by the light but it wouldn’t keep them up at night being to bright. They could get up at night see around the room, go to the bathroom, or get something that they needed and then go back to sleep. They just loved the light, and that it was perfect for their room. I told the boys that they were not to play with the Deadpool 3D Deco Light. That they could use it for their light but it’s not a toy. So they were happy with that.

When they go to bed their light goes on and in the morning the light goes off again. It is really perfect for them and their room décor needs. The lights do come in many different characters like Deadpool, Star Wars Characters, Iron Man, Guardians of the galaxy, Disney, Paw Patrol, Cars, Minions and so many other different character lights. You can purchase them from Think Geek, Target stores, and several other stores.

The Deadpool 3D Deco light has made getting the boys to go into their room and stay there so much easier. They look forward to bedtime and having their Deadpool light in their room and keeping the room bright for them in case they wake up. It really has been the ideal night light as I don’t have to worry about my grandchildren getting ahold of it and breaking it. I also don’t have to worry about them following the cord to the outlet and getting hurt since there is no cord. It really does make their room look great. We are going to be adding a few more of the 3D deco lights that are super hero’s to their room. They really love them. They would make a great gift for any super hero fan, but they do come in a wide selection of other characters for both boys and girls so your sure to find something that will fit perfectly into their room.

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Marvel Universe Crochet Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


The Marvel Universe Crochet is just adorable. If you love to crochet and have a Marvel Universe Super Hero fan in your home or family then your going to love this kit. It has a book that has all the patterns for the 12 Super Hero’s and how to make them. I have to say they are just so stinking cute! There is Spiderman, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Falcon, She-Hulk, Daredevil, Groot, and Rocket. Now, I have 3 Super Hero lovers in our home, and they just love all these characters. So I’m sure you can guess what I am going to be making them this winter. That’s right all their favorite super hero’s.

The kit comes with a full color 76 page book, it has all the needed instructions for you to make each one. It also contains a hook the size that you need to make them. They also include the yarn to make 2 of the super hero’s. My kit contains enough yarn and everything else needed to make Spiderman and Captain America crocheted dolls. They are just so cute and I can’t wait to get them finished. I have started the spiderman doll and it is coming along and has not been difficult to create. I know that when they are done my son’s are just going to love them. They can display them in their room or put them on their bed. They will be the perfect addition to their super hero room décor.

You can now make them for your super hero fan as well. The kids can be found on Books a Million. You can purchase your kit and start it when it arrives. There are so many great super hero designs for you to make to have the whole collection. If you have a little one these would be perfect for them to play with as well because they will be soft and they can cuddle with them at nap time as well. You still have time to make one before Christmas if you need a gift for a super hero fan on your list. They would also make the perfe

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Star Wars Rogue One Jyn Erso Action Figure 20″ Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


I received the Star Wars Rogue One Jyn Erso Action Figure 20″ for review. It was perfect timing since the Star Wars Rogue One movie just came out and my son’s are just so excited about the movie. They have all the star wars movies and they can’t wait for the Star Wars Rogue One Movie to come out on Blu-ray. They are huge star wars fans so they were so excited to play with the Star Wars Rogue One Jyn Erso Action figure. It was a large action figure that they could pose and recreate scenes from the movie with.

The boys have a bunch of different sized Star Wars action figures so she fit right in with them. I have to say that she looks so much like the actual character. So the boys were so excited to add her to their collection. My granddaughter’s love to play with the boys as they have seen all the star wars movies as well. Of course their favorite characters include the Ewoks, which they think are just so adorable and they want to have one. So when Jyn came they asked their uncles if they could be her when they play together. The boys were happy to let them play with her and my other granddaughter wanted to be princess leia. They use to fight over the Princess Leia action figure but now they can both have one while playing with their uncles.

They were having such a great time creating fun Star wars scenes with their action figures. They were laughing and having fun, they even let me join the fun and be Jyn. I was so excited to be able to join in the fun as normally I watch them playing. Jyn was really a fun character to be, the action figure worked very well. She has moving parts from her arms, legs, and head all moved. They were able to be posed so that she was looking like she was getting ready to fire her weapon. She stood so tall as well. My son’s have the R2D2 robot that is large as well so they got him and R2D2 was having a conversation with Jyn. It was so great to watch the kids having so much fun.

Your child could also have a great time with Jyn Erso as well as they recreate scenes from the movie. Have some fun creating new scenes or just having a great time playing with her. She really is a great action figure to add to your collection to have fun with.
Bring your star wars fun to life with all the wonderful Star Wars Rogue One action figures and have hours of fun recreating the movie or other scenes that you come up with. The fun will never end with Jyn, because you can always create even more fun times. You can purchase Jyn at your local Target store for the holidays. She will make a great gift this holiday season and don’t forget to add more of the Star Wars Rogue One Characters to your collection from the movie as well.

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The Oregon Trail Card Game Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


You may remember being in school and playing the Oregon trail game on the computer or at home. You were on the wagon trail and would be on an adventure but then find out that you got the chicken pox, or you lost food, your water was tainted or whatever the case was. You would continue on the trail and wait to see what would happen to you next. It was a great way to learn about how things really were during the wagon train days. Since you couldn’t be there it was very interesting to learn about in the game form.

Well, now there is a new Oregon Trail Card Game that you can play at home with your family. Kids can learn about what it’s like on the wagon trail and how they use to live. It was really a interesting time and this is a fun game that is also educational as well. It will help them to know so much about that Era and what people had to go through to make it to a better life, well if they made it there of course. I use to love to play that computer game and it was always interesting to see where the game would take you. If you would make it to the place you wanted or if you would pass away on the trail and have to start the game over again to see how far you could get in the next round.

I was excited to play the game with my son’s. Well, one reason would be because they always make me feel so old with questions like “Did they have shoes when you were little Mom.” they did! Really? One of my favorite questions and leave it to my boys… “Mom, were dinosaurs around when you were little?” “Eh, NO! There were no dinosaurs unless they were in a museum like you see.” They will make you feel really old in about 2 minutes flat. lol So I was fully prepared for them to have a whole new set of questions after we played but I got to stay young and they didn’t ask “Did you have to live like this Mom?” lol Instead we played several games of The Oregon Trail and they learned so much from the game. They had questions but they were more about why was it like that during the Era and why things are different today. It really opened us up for some great conversations.

When we played a game, it was really interesting for the boys to play. They really liked learning about the Oregon Trail and what the people endured during that time. My youngest son the first game died of starvation, he was asking why they didn’t have enough food and why they didn’t just go to the grocery store to get more. My older son got dysentery which was the start of another conversation. We were having so much fun playing and the boys were learning so much about how it use to be during that time. They learned so much from playing as well. They went and played some games with my mom as well and she got the Rattlesnake bite so the boys were telling her that she shouldn’t be playing with snakes. We had so many great games that we played and each game the boys learned something new. However, it was also fun to play as well. It would really make a great game to play with the family, in a classroom or to bring on a camping trip or car trip to play while your on your way.

This game would make a great gift for a child for the holidays it’s both fun and educational as well. Your child can learn about the Era and have a fun time while do it. You can find the Oregon Trail Card Game at your local Target store.

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Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


Is it just me or are you always trying to find a way to get your house clean in less time? I am always looking for a way to get the house clean and looking great but still be able to keep up with my crazy busy schedule. I use to have to stay up and wait for everyone to be asleep before I could sweep and mop the floors. Which if you have done this yourself you know that the next morning your wishing you had gone to bed.

The Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System has really helped me with being able to sweep and steam clean the floors first thing in the morning. They dry so quickly so by the time I wake the kids up for school they have already dried and we are ready to start our day. I love the way the head of the mop is one that you can flip over and use both sides. It’s easy to fill with water and it doesn’t take long before your ready to steam clean the floors. I have found that it really cuts my cleaning time down and my floors look great!

The regular mops you just have wet floors that take at least 30 minutes to dry and even longer in the winter time. So it has to be done at night or if you can sneak it in during the day when the family isn’t going to be running in and out of the room. Which in our house, it’s like putting a welcome sign out to come into the room that I am cleaning. It never fails if I am cleaning the kitchen floor they of course need a drink or a snack just at that moment that I am almost done. If it’s the bathroom of course someone wants to use it and the floor is all wet and then I have shoe prints so I have to redo it again. Which never seems to fail!

When I use the Shark Genius Steam mop it dries quickly and always before someone needs to use the bathroom or a snack or drink. When the kids spill it’s easy to clean up as well. It just takes a few seconds and no more mess. I also love that I can wash the mop heads in the washer and they are ready to go again! It really cuts cleaning time down and keeps the floors looking great! My son’s have now found a new love of helping me keep the floors clean with the Shark Genius Steam mop. They have now started to clean up their own spills. What mom doesn’t love that! They just love using it because it’s so easy to use, it’s not to heavy for them to use. My youngest will go get the broom and sweep the floor and then steam mop it. He just loves how easy it is to use, and that he can do it by himself. Although I watch him to see what he is doing he has how to use it down pat. So even the children can use the Shark Genius Steam mop with no problems. That’s right Mom’s and Dad’s, you can now add steam mopping to their chore charts.

The Shark Genius Steam mop can also be found at Walmart, Best Buy, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Target, Sears and other major retailers. If your looking for a great gift for this holiday season, I would recommend the Shark Genius Steam mop to make someone you loves life easier! Don’t forget to grab one for your home while your getting them a gift because you deserve it!

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Lee Dream Jeans Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


I received a pair of the Lee Dream Jeans to review for our Christmas Gift Guide. I have wore Lee Jeans before but these were different then any pair that I have had in the past. The material was very soft, stretchy, and so comfortable.

I chose a pair of Black Lee Dream Jeans to review. I really thought that they would be like the other Lee Jeans that I had purchased in the past. However, they weren’t. I first felt the material and it was softer then the other jeans that I had purchased in the past. I was surprised when I put the jeans on they were the perfect fit, the jeans stretched with me, the material was so comfortable, and I usually have a problem with the stitching on the sides of the jeans annoying my legs. However, the Lee Dream Jeans did not annoy my legs, I could barely tell they were there.

The Black was a perfect shade of black, and when I washed them several times they remained that same shade and did not lose any of the color. Some of my jeans that I have purchased have lost some of the color so I was happy to see that these were holding it very well. The waist was very comfortable and fit just perfect. There was no rubbing on my waist the material was again so soft and didn’t bug me at all. I have a couple of herniated discs in my back so it at times makes finding jeans a process. However, I was happy to see that there were no problems with the Lee Dream Jeans. It can cause problems with the stitching, the waist can be an issue, and how they fit can be an issue with my back as well. However, I had no problems with the Lee Dream Jeans. I even told my mom who has the same problems that we were going to take her to the store and have her try on some Lee Dream Jeans as well because she has the same issues as I do. So I can’t wait to see how she likes them as well.

I will be purchasing more of the Lee Dream Jeans as well. I just love the fit, the way they are so comfortable, and also that they work with me when I am doing things. I am always on the go and jeans that can keep up with me and be comfortable at the same time are always on my list but not always easy to find. I have to say that several brands of jeans started out soft and comfortable but changed after I washed them. I didn’t have that problem with the Lee Dream Jeans, they were exactly the same after each washing. Which was a pleasant surprise, it was just so wonderful to find a pair of jeans that fit everything that I need. I can tell you that it’s not an easy task for that to happen. I normally have to go to many stores and try on a number of jeans to find 1 to 2 pairs that I can wear. So for them to just me mailed to me and fit so great, it was a shock. So I can’t wait to buy more of them and in different colors. The Lee Dream Jeans will make the perfect addition to your wardrobe or to give as a gift.

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Word Winder Game Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


Word Winder Game is a great educational game but a lot of fun as well. I saw it at the Toy and Game Fair in Chicago and the kids were having so much fun playing it. They were all standing in line to learn to play the Giant Word Winder Game and Giant Math Winder Game it was so much fun to watch them playing the game. There were always new children wanting to learn how to play and they were standing before the giant game board just having so much fun.

I brought home the Word Winder Game and played with my son’s. The object of the game is to make different words on the board with your chips. The winner will have their words going all the way across the board. The object of the game is to block the person your playing with and get your words going straight across the board. It’s a fun game that any one can play and they will have a great time playing. My son’s and I played several games and they were playing new words every game. It’s a great way to expand their word selections and practice their spelling words as well. It has also helped to increase my son’s spelling of words as well. They both love to play it to see who can get their words across the board first.

I also love that they offer the Giant Word Winder Game and Giant Math Winder Game that is perfect for schools, Church functions, Boys and Girls Scouts, Boys and Girls clubs and other facilities as well. The large boards make it possible for a classroom to play the game together and learn more new words and math problems. It was so amazing to watch the children playing and figuring out addition, subtraction as well as multiplying while playing the large math games. I was so highly impressed with the game boards and how when the children play and change the boards around that no two games were ever the same. They were always different because of how the board was set up. But I noticed that no matter how the board was set up that the children were always having a great time!

I also have to say that I am completely impressed with the way that you can do a fundraiser with Word Winder for your school to purchase the giant word or math winder. They wanted to make sure that any school, club or other facilities that would like to have their game for educational and fun purposes would be able to earn it for their facility. Which I think is just wonderful and will help them have it for their students or children that are apart of their facility. You can contact them to discuss their fundraiser options that are available. I would love to see this at my son’s school and will be discussing it with out PTO at our next meeting. All of their games would make a great gift to a child or to a school or facility that could use more educational products.

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