Planning Your Wedding? Dress First Has The Perfect Wedding Dress And Bridal Party Dresses #Bride #Wedding #WeddingDress #Ad

Bride wedding dresses dress first

Planning your wedding can be such an amazing experience from finding the perfect Wedding Dress to the tiny details so that your day is everything that you hoped it would be. Shouldn’t you have the dress that makes you feel like a princess on your special day??? dress first is sure to have the perfect dress for your big day from the Dress to the Veil to make you look beautiful on your day. Dress First offers many different styles, from making you look like a princess to more simple designs and lengths for the bride who wants to be beautiful and comfortable on her special day. Your wedding budget will also love their Wedding Dress Prices starting at $112 for beautiful dresses that are sure to make you a glowing bride.

Dress First Bridal party dresses

You will love the Bridal Party dresses that are available to choose from as well at dress first from Long flowing dresses, knee length, to Maternity Bridal Dresses. They have a beautiful selection to match your colors and theme you have chosen for your wedding. Dress First bridal party dresses are starting at $90, your bridal party will love the dresses that you choose as well as the savings for Dress for your beautiful day.

You are also able to purchase Mother Of The Bride Dresses, Bridal Accessories, Reception And Favor needs, and more for your special day to make it completely the way you have dreamed about. It’s your special day and with a budget or not your sure to find everything for your beautiful day at dress first.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Dress First, all opinions in this post are my own.

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How To Make Crock Pot Apple Butter #Recipe #HomemadeGift #AppleButterRecipe

It’s that time of year where there are apples of every kind and everything from sweetness to tart. There are so many great things you can make with them but one of our family favorites is Apple Butter and . It is perfect for the winter season on toast, bagels, even your morning pancakes get a great flavor with apple butter. This is such a simple recipe to make but the delicious flavor will last and last when you can it to have it all winter long. You can also make it in the Spring to have all summer long for a wonderful treat.

It’s always great to have canned foods on hand for the family for when you get sick. There are always easy goodies that you can still make with ease. The family will love the effort that you put into making it for them. Don’t forget the holidays are coming up and they would also be great in a gift basket for family and friends. There are so many great ways that you can use this recipe to bring smiles to everyone’s faces.

If your going to make them for gifts, just add some fabric on top of the jar lids and a little bow to make them adorable. You could also make your own labels for them as well to add some more flair to them and make them look so cute!

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Why Is Good Co-Parenting So Important For Your Child? #CoParenting #Parenting

co parenting

Why is good co-parenting so important to your child? It doesn’t matter if your together or divorced, good co-parenting is always helpful to your child. There are so many reasons why it’s important. I’m not speaking to one parent or the other, I’m speaking to you both. There may be problems in your relationship together if your divorced, those issues need to be put to the side for your child. You should both have your child’s best interest at heart.

Divorced parents especially in the beginning have a lot of anger, frustration, and even loath the other parent at times. This of course is not always the case, but if it is in your case, those feelings need to be put to the side. You can discuss those feelings with your ex-spouse when your child is not around to hear your discussions. When your co-parenting it is always important to keep your feelings towards your ex-spouse out of the conversations about your child. Be civil and discuss the problems at hand, how they are doing in school, if they have received a punishment at one home or the other and so on. I can tell you that if your child sees there is a break in your communication, the way you work together, they will take full advantage of it and play you against each other. Your job as parents are to provide a united front in the best interest of your child.

What do I mean by a united front? Co-parenting no matter if your together or apart is still a rough job. In order to have a good co-parenting you must always have open dialogue between parents, so that both parents are understanding what is going on in there child’s life. If your not communicating between both parents to keep everyone on the same page, your dropping the ball on your co-parenting. Your not hurting yourself or the other parent by doing this your hurting your child. The lines of communication must always be open, and talk about all subjects that pertain to your child together.

I can tell you from experience that co-parenting is not always easy, and the co-parent does not always take as much interest in parenting. You should make an effort to include the other parent in every decision that is made as much as possible. If your co-parent is lacking, discuss it with them, do not accuse, but request their opinion on something that is going on. Discuss why their opinion is important to your child, and that you value their opinion as the co-parent, then it is up to them to take part in co-parenting. You can only do your part if the other co-parent is not willing to take part.

How is the to best work together when co-parenting? What are the most important co-parenting topics?

* Discipline ~ Discuss what proper punishment is for different things that your child does, Such as taking a toy/cell phone or other items away. If they should be grounded, how long should they be grounded for and it should be at both homes if your not together. Do not make one parent the “bad guy” to discipline all the time, it is not fair to that parent and your child realizes that you are a push over. Discipline together and provide a united front for your child, and teach them good parenting skills that they will use when they have children.

* School ~ Both parents should be sure to attend concerts, do homework help, fundraise, come up with crazy hair day, PJ day and other special events at school together. No, you do not have to sit together but both parents should be there to support your child. Attend conferences together so that everyone is on the same page with your child’s needs and how to help them improve or whatever is needed.

* When Your Child Is Upset ~ It doesn’t matter what your child is upset about, something that happened at school, a friend hurt their feelings, something that one of you did as a parent, or something else. You can discuss it with them and encourage them to call and discuss it with your co-parent as well so they have both of your opinions. If you choose to discuss it with them on your own, be sure to fill the other parent in that you talked to your child about this they were very upset and how you handled it.

It’s very important that your child sees you both co-parenting so that they can have a healthy relationship and your setting the ground work for them to know to co-parent in their own children’s lives when they have them. They learn by seeing what you as a parent does and how you handle things. If you want them to take an active roll then it is your job as parents to show them how you work together and how even though sometimes it’s not easy, you still come together for their best interest. A mother and father brought them into the world and both should make every attempt to protect, teach, and be there for this beautiful child that you created.

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DIY Birthday Party Pinata #DIYPinata #BirthdayParty #KidsBirthdayPartyIdeas

Tangled Pinata 2

It’s Party time! There are a lot of different piñata’s you can chose from at the stores, but they may not have the theme that your looking for. If you trying to keep a Birthday Party cost down, this is a great way to help keep them down. There are always so many reasons that we want to make our own projects. I wanted to show you how to make your own DIY pinata for any party or event that you have coming up. You could also make one of them for the holidays, and do more of a theme around.


* 8 Purple Sheets Of Tissue Paper

* 8 Pink Sheets Of Tissue Paper

* 1 Cardboard Box with the dimensions that you would like, you don’t want the height of the box over 7″ for a birthday party, It’s the perfect height. The width you will want to measure with the object you will be using as the focal point. You do not want a really thick box or a really thin box, other wise the kids won’t be able to break it or it will break right away and crush the candy when hit. A regular cardboard box without double layers will work well. (No shiny sides as the glue doesn’t stick as well)

* Clear Packing Tape

* Elmers Glue

* For the character or theme of the party you can use a Matching Plate that you will use at the party or you can use a helium balloon with the character on it that is not blown up

Steps for making your Pinata:

Step 1: You will want to cut 4 sheets of each colored tissue paper for your pinata. You will unfold the 4 sheets, then take 2 sheets at a time, and cut them 1 1/2 to 2 inch strips. When you have cut all the strips, you will then cut half cuts into the strip to make the strips into the fringe like look for the pinata.

Step 2: You will want to figure out which way you would like your pinata to hang. Then put two holes for your thick twine or yarn to hold the rope that you will use to pull the pinata so that the children can hit it. You will put two holes on each side and string it through and tie it so that it’s strong enough to support the rope. Once you have your twine or yarn in place then use the Packing tape to close the flaps on your box.

Step 3: Cut a slit into the side of the box, you will want to make 2 more slits so that you have a part of the box that will lift up so you can stuff the candy inside. Just like is shown below. You will want to make the slit at the top of your cardboard box.
It will not matter if your going to make a square or triangle pinata. You will still go through the same steps and just put the pinata the way you want it when your finished. You will do the front and back of your pinata first.

box slit 1

Step 4: You will start with any corner that you want in the front of your Pinata. Take one of your strips, hold it up to the box and cut it where it will only over lap the sides a little bit then cut it there. You will add Elmer’s glue to the strip where the slits are not at. Then apply it to your box at the tip of the corner as shown. Then continue to rotate the colors till your 1/4 of the way down as shown.

corner of box for pinata

Step 5: Then move to the next corner and repeat till you have all the corners complete. Don’t worry if you go into the sides of the pinata we will fix those later. You can use your Plate or Balloon as a guide to see how far down you would like to go down for your corners. Once your corners are complete you will go to the open areas between your corners and again fill in the area rotating colors so that you cover all the areas. Leave the area where your Balloon or Plate will go blank for now.

pinata corners amomsparadise

Step 6: When you start on the back of your Pinata, you will start on the top and just keep rotating the colors all the way to the bottom of the pinata. The Longer areas you will need to use a strip and a 1/2 to 2 strips to cover the area using the same colors.

Step 7: You will now work on the sides of your pinata. If you have over lapped your strips on the side. They will be dry now. So you can lift them up a little and cut off the excess so that you can fill in the sides of the pinata and they will lay flat.

Step 8: You will want to start on the side where your slit is for the candy to go in the pinata. Start to rotate your strips on the side away from you. When you are to your slit you will use smaller strips in front of the slit then cut strips that will cover the opening and give it room to move up and down. so before you glue your first one on. Hold it tight onto the opening and make sure it won’t break when your opening and closing your opening. If it does break then use a little longer piece. To save you time use that piece as a template for the rest of your strips so you won’t have to measure each strip. Then glue the strips with rotating colors.

Step 9: You will now finish the other sides of your pinata in the same way that you did the side with the slit. Your pinata is now complete with all your strips.

Step 10: If your using a helium balloon you will cut the balloon to use in the middle of your pinata and just use the top character part of the balloon to add to your pinata. If your using a Plate that matches your theme you won’t need to cut it at all. You will now add glue around the outer edge and center of the object you are using. Then put it into place and smooth it out.

Tangled Pinata 2

Step 11: This is the last step for completing your pinata. If you have space around your balloon or plate that is showing your cardboard box then rotate strips to fill them in. Once this step is complete, you will want to take strips to cover the edges of your plate or balloon. Take your strip and measure around the outer edge. You can use smaller strips if it’s easier for you, and then go all the way around the outer edge. You will want to use the light color as the first layer around the edge and then cover the light color with a darker color so that the glue won’t show. Your pinata is now complete, it’s ready for your party! Just fill with candy once it is completely dry, use the packing tape to close the slit and your ready for the kids to have a great time with their pinata!

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Idahoan Potato: Chicken (Turkey) Shepherd’s Pie Recipe #recipe #PoormansCasserole

chicken shepards pie

We love Shepherd’s Pie recipes so we created a Chicken Shepherd’s Pie but you could also use Turkey in the recipe and it would come out great as well. The Turkey would be perfect to make after Thanksgiving with all the left overs. It’s so filling and a great comfort food on those cold winter or fall nights. It’s an easy go to on those nights when you have a lot going on and it can be made ahead and frozen as well. If your freezing it just leave out the milk and mix together the veggies, meat and Cream Of Mushroom soup. Then freeze, when you want to serve just defrost, place in a pan, make your mashed potatoes and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes then top with your cheese and bake another 5 minutes till cheese is melted.


3 cups of Chicken or Turkey
2 small bags of mixed frozen veggies or 1 large bag
2 cans of Cream Of Mushroom soup
1 can of milk (use soup can)
8 servings of Mashed Potatoes (As directed on box)
1 1/2 cups Shredded Cheddar Cheese

* Baked 3 Chicken breasts at 350 degrees till cooked
* Cut the chicken into bite size pieces
* Make Potatoes
* Mix the meat and veggies together
* Mix the Cream Of Mushroom Soup and Milk
* Top with Buttery Homestyle Idahoan Potatoes
* Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes
* Top with Cheese and bake for 5 minutes

Serves 8

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Clean Eating Fruit Kabobs With A Lemon Ginger Dipping Sauce Recipe #CleanEating #SnackRecipe


In the summer Fruit Kabobs are easy to make and delicious. I like to have a container filled with them ready for the kids to grab and snack on instead of sugar filled snacks. We also use a Lemon Ginger Dipping sauce for the Kabobs to give them a little more flavor. The kids just go wild over it, adults do as well because the Lemon Ginger Dipping sauce has an amazing flavor that it offers the fruit. The kids use a spoon to add a little bit of the dipping sauce onto their fruit or place some on a plate for them to dip in.

The dipping sauce can be kept in the fridge next to the Fruit Kabobs so that your ready for snacking at a moments notice with very little effort for Mom and Dad. They are also perfect for bringing to a get together as well. It’s simple to put together but your guests will rave about your Kabobs with this dipping sauce. You can use any fruits that you desire or are in season at the moment.

1/2 Cantloupe
1/4 of a Watermelon
1/4 Of a Fresh Pineapple core and peeled
1 Quart of Fresh Strawberries
1 cup Plain Greek Yogurt
1/4 tsp Cinnamon
1/4 tsp Ginger
2 TBSP Fresh Lemon Juice
3 TBSP Honey
10 Kabob Sticks

Step 1 Cut your fruit into bite size chunks

Step 2: Slide your fruit onto the Kabob sticks rotating the fruits so there is lots of color

Step 3: In a Bowl Mix together the Plain Greek Yogurt, Cinnamon, Ginger, Lemon Juice, and Honey. Place in a serving bowl for dipping. If the recipe is for a get together you can double or triple the recipe so that you will have enough dipping sauce.

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Gluten Free Strawberry Cheesecake Parfait Recipe #Recipe #Dessert

strawberry cheesecake parfait for amomsparadise

◾ 2 (8oz) Philadelphia Cream Cheese at room temp
◾ 1/2 cup Sugar
◾ 1 Packet of Knox Gelatine
◾ 4 Fresh Strawberries
◾ 1 Cup Of Boiling Water
◾ 1 (12oz) Package of Gluten Wise Triple Berry Granola Gluten Wise Granola


1. In a bowl add your sugar and Knox Gelatine

2. Boil your 1 cup of water just till it starts to boil then mix in the bowl with the sugar and Knox Gelatine till they are completely dissolved

3. Add Your Cream cheese to your blender with your Knox Gelatine from bowl and add 4 Fresh Strawberries then blend it till it is smooth, it will turn a pink color from the Strawberries

4. Pour the ingredients from the blender into Parfait cups or bowls your planning to use, you will only add a little bit

5. Put your bowl or cup into the fridge for 5-10 minutes to chill

6. Top the cheesecake with 1/4 cup granola

7. Pour in more of your cheesecake mixture and put it back in the fridge to chill till your ready to serve

Peapod Plus Tent Review

peapod plus

I received the Peapod Plus to review with my adorable little princess’s. We received it right before Easter, it was perfect timing to test it with them as they would have a long day for the holiday.

We were having all the family over after they found their Easter Baskets that the Easter Bunny left for them. When they arrived we would be doing an Easter Egg Hunt, letting them run around and play, while they were waiting to eat. They were on the go for the whole morning and so ready for a nap! All the adults wanted to stay outside and continue the fun. So I pulled out the Peapod Plus and put it in an area where the older kids wouldn’t be running around. I put two of my granddaughter’s in the peapod and they were out like a light!

I loved the way the Peapod plus kept them shaded from the sun and when zipped no flies or bugs could get in by them. It must have been so comfortable for them because they took a two hour nap! That was with all the adults talking and the other kids running around and having fun! The padding on the bottom of the Peapod plus is so soft that the kids just loved laying there. Even after they woke up from their nap, they brought toys into the Peapod and played in there with their babies and other toys. My oldest granddaughter wanted to bring the Peapod plus home with her so she could continue to play in it and sleep in it that night! I told her it was staying at Nana’s house but that she could play in it and take a nap in it again.

The Peapod plus was a huge hit with the granddaughter’s! It would be the perfect gift for a baby shower, adoption gift, or to have at your home for your children or grandchildren. If you can’t find the kids, just look in the Peapod Plus if it’s out and your sure to find them sleeping or playing inside!

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Ollie World Lavender Swaddle Review #BabyShowerGiftGuide


I recieved the Ollie World Lavender Swaddle to review for our Baby Shower Gift Guide. I have to say it is just so adorable the way they package the Swaddle. I received a beautiful Lavender swaddle to review and it was just so adorable.

I have to say that I loved the feel of the material that is used to make the swaddle. It was just so soft, the material was just luxurious. I loved the way you could also use the swaddle in several different ways to make your little angel comfortable and cozy in the swaddle. It offers a cuddly hug to your little bundle of joy that will keep them feeling safe, comfortable, and so cozy as well. They will sleep like little angels while all snug in their Ollie World Swaddle.


Your little angel will love the feel of the swaddle and you will love the color options that are available. Ollie World offers beautiful colors like Sky, Meadow, Lavender, and Stone. They are all beautiful vibrant colors that will make your little angel look adorable! Ollie World also offers these beautiful swaddles in bundles as well, you will receive 2 swaddles in the bundle. They will love sleeping in their Ollie World swaddle while it makes them feel like they did when they were in the womb. You will love the little smiles on your well rested little angel.


I also loved how you could use the swaddle in different ways to make your little angel comfortable. If they would like their arms out of the swaddle they can have it wrapped from under the arms to their feet. You can wrap them in the swaddle from their shoulders to their feet. The Ollie Swaddle also makes it easy for you to change your little bundle of joy as well. You can lift it from the feet while the upper portion of their body is still swaddled. It is just so easy to use with your little prince or princess as well.

Now, when your little angel gets the Ollie World Swaddle dirty by spitting up on it or other ways it’s easy to wash as well. There is no guessing on how to clean it the best way. You just close the velcro tabs, place it in a mesh laundry bag, place it in the washer and put it on cold and delicate and wash. Then delicates dry or air dry. It’s that easy to clean! So you will get a lot of use out of your Ollie World swaddle as will your little angel. It would make a great gift for a Baby Shower, new mom’s your going to love this swaddle, or if your looking for more swaddles for your little prince or princess. Ollie World has all your swaddle needs covered!

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