Easy Halloween Ornaments To Make With Kids #Ornament #Crafts #Halloween #DIYCraft

pumpkin headstone final with O face

These adorable Halloween ornaments are just to cute! They are easy to make with the family and you can make a ton of different colors and designs on them as well. You could use a square ornament to make Frankenstein, the oval to make a ghost, there are so many different ornaments that you could make to decorate your home, a tree outside or use them to decorate a wreath for your home.

The possibilities are really endless with these ornaments and it will have the family having a ton of fun! Your creativity is the limit with this project. I would be sure to wear old clothing or an apron while making these adorable ornaments. They can be a little messy when little ones are making them. However, they are a great way to make some wonderful family memories and traditions.

I have added step by step instructions on how to make the ornaments. The family will love this project and everyone will have a lot of fun.

Glass or plastic Christmas ornaments
Beacon Adhesives Glitter It Adhesive, 2-Ounce
Copper or Orange Glitter
Black Book Cover Paper (Dollar Tree or Dollar General) or Halloween Pack Outdoor 12″x12″ – Glossy Permanent Adhesive Vinyl Oracal 651
Empty Egg Carton
Paper (any kind will work)
Newspaper (for the table where your working)
Paper cups or solo cups

Step 1: Take your ornaments out of the box they came in and remove all the ornament hanging pieces from your ornaments. Place them in separate piles if you have different sized ornaments.

Pumpkin ornament Glitter It 1

Step 2: Have a parent put in the Glitter it into the ornament. About a teaspoon to a tablespoon of glitter it will work. Now you will swirl it around the ornament so the whole ornament is covered. Pour the extra Glitter It into the next ornament or a paper cup you will want to let the ornament drain for a few minutes to get the extra out.

Pumpkin ornament with glitter1

Step 3: You will now add your glitter color that you would like your ornament to be. The kids will swirl the glitter around the ornament till the whole ornament is covered. Then slowly pour the left over glitter onto a paper plate to be put in back into the glitter bottle.

Pumpkin ornament glitter finished AMP

Step 4: You will now place your ornament in the empty egg carton up right. Allow the glitter to dry for at least 4 hours to 24 hours sitting up right in the egg carton.

Step 5: The ornament are now dry and ready to have your hanging ornament placed back into the bulb. You will pinch the pieces together then put them into the bulbs again. Being careful not to scratch the inside of the bulb with your glitter.

Step 6: The child/ren are now able to take their paper and draw small faces that they would like to place on their ornaments.

Step 7: Once they have the face that they would like on their ornament. They will cut out the faces that they want to use.

Step 8: Trace the face onto the back side of your book cover or vinyl and cut it out. Let the kids apply their faces how they would like them. Let them get as crazy as they want it’s their ornament and it’s for Halloween. It’s part of the fun.

The Halloween ornaments are now complete and you can use them for other craft projects or hang them around your home. They are so adorable and will add great fall colors to your house at the same time. Let the Halloween fun begin!

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Funky Chunky Popcorn Café Gift Set Review #ChristmasGiftGuide

Funky Chunky popcorn gift set

We received the Funky Chunky Café Gift Set to review with my family. When it arrived, I opened it and saw this beautiful gift basket. My son’s were so excited to try it. The gift basket offered three different flavors of Café flavored popcorn, Caramel Latte, Dark Chocolate Mocha, and Vanilla Sweet Crème, along with along with two coffee mugs and a bag of chocolate covered multicolored espresso beans. It was beautifully wrapped when it arrived as well.

We started with the Vanilla Sweet Crème popcorn flavor. When we tried it we were surprised at the delicious flavor. The boys just loved it and said that it had a wonderful café flavor just like their favorite coffee drinks. It offered a rich and creamy flavor that was just delightful. We then tried the Caramel Latte, which also had an impressive flavor and was my favorite flavor. When we tried each flavor they were just amazing, each flavor was better then the last. The Dark Chocolate Mocha, was an explosion of coffee flavored treats. It was not over powering but just the perfect blend to make you want more. Funky Chunky Popcorn pulled out off a wonderful trio of flavors to place together in this gift basket.

We just loved the black coffee mugs that came with the gift basket as well. They are the perfect size to make your favorite coffee drinks in. The Coffee mugs were filled with the most delicious chocolate covered multicolored espresso beans. The chocolate covered multicolored espresso beans were the perfect compliment to this gift basket. They added the color to the basket as well as a whole different flavor that went along beautifully with the flavored popcorn that was included in the gift set. It is the perfect gift basket for the coffee lover in your life.

Funky Chunky Popcorn really pulled out all the stops in this gift set. In every bite there is a new flavor and each flavor makes your mouth just water with the excitement of the next bite. We didn’t find one color that we didn’t like, each flavor had it’s unique flavor that just exploded in your mouth and left you wanting more and more. It really is a great treat, perfect for watching your favorite movie with, when you have a sweet tooth attack, or when you just need a little something to snack on.

Funky Chunky Popcorn has a wide variety of flavors to choose from such as Peanut Butter Cup Popcorn, Sea salt Caramel Popcorn, Sweetheart Mix, Peppermint Bark, and so many other great flavors are available. They also offer Corporate gift sets as well as gift sets that everyone would love to receive. So this holiday season be sure to send a Funky Chunky Popcorn gift set to someone on your holiday list.

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Protecting Your Chronically ill Child From Your School District

Photo credit to Labbhealthoffice.com

What exactly does that mean? Protecting your chronically ill child from your school district? If you have a healthy child, you may be a little confused by this and ask why a chronically ill child needs protection from a school or school district. Please continue reading because even if you have a healthy child you may know someone who has a chronically ill child and this information could help them.

My youngest son, who was a healthy child when he was younger has now changed to a chronically ill child. In 2013, he was diagnosed with Ehlers Danloss Syndrome. Many of you will be saying “I have never heard of that!” Well, your not alone, I hadn’t heard of it till my son was diagnosed. It is a connective tissue disorder but can affect your vital organs, wreck havoc on your joints, muscles, stomach, and many other parts of your body. You look perfectly health at times and other times you lose all of your skin color and at times you can look like your skin has a yellow tint to it or other colors as well. There are many problems that EDS can cause in a person’s system, that they have no control over. People do not believe that it is a condition and often state that it’s all in the person’s mind and there is nothing wrong with them. That they look the same as they always have. Making it very hard for the person with EDS to have someone to talk to about everything they are going through.

There are many chronic illnesses, EDS, Potts, fibromyalgia, are just a few of these chronic illnesses. You can’t actually “see” them but they are VERY real. Children as well as adults can be affected by these chronic illnesses. They can affect their lives in a multitude of ways, most of which can not be seen by the naked eye. So it proves to be difficult for schools, family, and friends to understand what they are going through. To understand the difficulty of the health problem, why the person can not get out of bed, why they are throwing up, why they can not function on a daily basis.

In November,2015, my son started with chronic stomach pains and throwing up all the time. No reason for it, no cause that we knew of at the time, nothing would stop it from continuing. They had no idea what to give him to stop it. They tried Zofran, which made him throw up more and gave him more intense pain. If you have taken Zofran, you know it’s used to stop all of those things from happening. We tried G.I. Cocktails which relieved enough pain to make it tolerable. He had every test on him from radio active stomach tests to ultra sounds of everything under the sun. There were no answers. We continued to get so frustrated, with no answers in sight. We continued to monitor him and his Dr.’s visits were almost always a 6 month wait between each visit no matter what he had going on with him. It gradually got to where we are now, my son throws up daily, it can be up to but not limited to 10 times a day with some extreme stomach pain that would have him curled up in a ball and crying.

My son started to miss school due to his health condition. They were fully aware of his medical issues. In the 2016-2017 school year the Dr.’s sent a letter to the school stating he would be missing school and they were to be excused for the missed days. That they are working on how to treat my son’s EDS and chronic stomach issues. He was missing several days, I was getting called to the school daily for his health, it was really a never ending cycle. It also would have just been easier for me to stay at his school all day because I was getting called there all the time any ways. I was always there within 10-15 minutes of the call, as I was always dressed with shoes and all on everyday there was school. So, it was nothing new to the school, it wasn’t like it had just started then, it had just hit a peak of out of control.

The school sent me a letter saying we needed to discuss his habitual truancies from school. So I went in for the meeting and they had the principal, school councilor, truancy officers there for the meeting. For the millionth time we went over his health problems, why he is missing school and so on. The truancy officer stated that if he continued to miss school I would receive a ticket for truancy. I told them I was fine with that, that I would fight it and get it thrown out. So the truancy officers thought about what I said and decided that I would get it thrown out. Now, I should add in here, that I am a huge advocate for my son and I won’t allow them to try to push me or my son around. So as we were talking they brought up taking me and my son to court for the truancy. They were trying to scare me and it wasn’t working. I told them that they should do whatever they think that they needed to do. However, they also needed to understand that I would not be sitting by while they were doing it. That I would fight them and I would win. When I left that meeting, I had made a choice for my son before I ever touched the door to leave the school.

I went home, got on my laptop, and found my son his new online school that he would be enrolled in. I chose to enroll him into K12 after looking at all the options that were available. I put in for his enrollment before I even had to pick him up from school. I sent in all the needed information and we had a two week wait for them to enroll him in their late enrollment. We were confirmed and I stated to the school that he would be being removed from their school district very shortly. During our waiting I received court papers for my son for his truancy court. Which really had me mad, but not worried. I went and hired an attorney, got my son and attorney as well. Now, for the record these court papers were not about my son’s health. The reality of it is they were trying to come after me because they couldn’t intimidate me and get what they wanted. I told them where to go and how fast to get there, I had no problem doing it either.

I was not worried about the court trial at all, even though they were threatening to remove my son from our home. I knew I had everything that I needed and I was prepared for the battle. Meanwhile, my son started school with K12 and was doing amazing! He had class everyday and he was excelling more then he ever did in the school he was attending. No, I am not just saying that because I was upset with the school. It was a reality! His school teachers had him reading at a 2nd grade level in the brick and mortar school, he was reading at his grade level and higher with K12. K12 was way more of an intense curriculum and he was getting amazing grades! The school was holding him back all that time, I wish I had gone to K12 sooner in all honesty.

After I hired our attorney’s to represent my son’s father and I and one to represent my son. I went to work, I knew I had all my ducks in a row because I always keep everything that has to do with my son’s care. Not for this reason because I didn’t honestly think that I would need it for a court hearing. I do it for me, so I can go back if I need information for a new Dr. (Which he has 10-12 at the moment), so I could look back to try to figure out how to help with his stomach and EDS health issues. I also had his my chart account to pull his tests that he has had ran, his Dr.’s appointments, and everything and anything that I needed for his medical. They wanted a fight they were going to get one. But, I knew it wasn’t going to go anywhere. I want you to be as confident and ready to fight if you need to for your child. In all honesty, I hope that you won’t need this information but the reality of it is, you just may need it and you will need to be prepared. Some school districts do not want to work with the parents or their chronically ill child. Other schools are just amazing with working with parents and their chronically ill child. To those schools that are great with working with the parents and chronically ill children, thank you and you will never know what it means to these families to have your support!

Now, if you find yourself and your child in our shoes and either getting a truancy ticket or having to appear in court for truancy. I am going to tell you what you should provide your attorney’s with and how to get it. I found that having a fax machine got it to me and to my attorney in record time to keep us prepared. If you have not started to save these things, please do start in case you need them at some point it will take you less time to be prepared.

* My Chart ~ Has all your child’s medical information that you can print at home. From when your child had Dr.’s visits, when they were diagnosed, growth charts, health summary and so much more. There is a lot of different information there that you will need. So make sure your signed up for my chart.

* Emergency Room visits or hospital stays~ Your local hospital can print them out for you easily and have them in an envelope for you in no time.

* Phone records ~ If your getting phone calls from the school daily for your child, your phone company can get you the phone records for incoming calls and send it to you or fax it.

* Emails with school ~ Hold onto every email that you received from the school teacher’s, principal and anyone else that is with the school. Be sure you are not ignoring the emails and respond to them.

* If you changed their school~ New attendance record, how child is doing in school, grades on any tests that they have taken on them since they arrived, letter from teacher about how they are doing in their classroom.

* Disciplinary actions~ If your child has any disciplinary actions such as a referral, suspension, or any other types of discipline the attorney will need them.

* Notes home from school~ Anything that is sent home from the principal or teachers about attendance, their health, or anything in general about how they are doing in school keep.

* Letter from teacher~ A couple of months into school ask your child’s teacher to write a letter for you stating how your child is doing in their classroom, in their own words, you will want one from each teacher they have and every year. If your having to go to court for truancy the school attorney will not allow them to write them for the court trial. So better to be prepared ahead of time. Just tell the teachers it’s for you to have on file at home and you may decide to give them to your child at a later date. Which you may want to do.

All of these things listed above will be what you will need for your truancy court. Now, because I had these items above my son’s court case was dismissed. Yes, we still had to go to court but just for them to officially dismiss the case, which took us about 30 minutes. I honestly hope that you will never need all of this information but I would rather you were prepared then not. So get files and start to compile some of the information so that it won’t take you any time at all to be prepared.

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Harry Potter Tri-wizard Maze Game Review #ChristmasGiftGuide

Harry Potter and the Magical Beast Game

I received the Harry Potter Tri-wizard Maze Game to review with my family. My oldest son is a HUGE Harry Potter fan and has been since he was little. We have watched every Harry Potter Movie at least a thousand times each! No, that is not an exaggeration by any means. He just loves the movies and anything to do with Harry Potter. My other son, is less of a Harry Potter fan due to my oldest son’s love of Harry potter. So we were excited to play the Harry Potter Tri-wizard Maze Game together.

I loved that it was made different then the game it’s a little modeled from Sorry. The twist of the game is that it has a deck of cards that you use that can instantly change the game and where the players game pieces are. We started to play the game and my younger son went first. He landed on the “draw” space so he was able to take one of the cards from the deck and move his piece to anywhere he wanted on the board that was open. He chose a space that had another “draw” space so he could choose another card. The card he chose let him move another piece out into the start space.

We were having so much fun playing the game and waiting to see who would get a “draw” card and what they would have to do next. My youngest son was having a blast playing as was my older son. We played several games as we didn’t want to have the fun end. My cousin and her son’s came over to visit so they all continued to play while my cousin and I visited. My cousins son’s just loved the game as well, they told my cousin that they wanted the Harry Potter Tri-wizard Maze Game for their family game nights at home. So my cousin is going to go buy it. Her son’s aren’t usually into playing a lot of board games but she was thrilled that they really liked to play the Harry Potter Tri-wizard Maze Game.

Harry Potter Triwizard game pressman1

The boys kept playing the whole time they were visiting. They were laughing and having a great time. Every time they made it around the board and to their “home”, they would all cheer. It was so adorable to watch and my cousin and I were able to visit while we knew the boys were busy having a great time. We lost track of how many times they played the game.

The Harry Potter Tri-wizard Maze Game would make a great addition to your family board game nights. You can purchase it for a great gift as well for a birthday or the holiday season. The child who receives it will just love it. There really is hours and hours of fun they can have while playing this game! We will be playing it for a long time to come as our family loves to have unplugged days and do other fun things to occupy our time with and just spend time together making memories. This game is helping us to make some wonderful memories that we will all cherish.

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Shark Bite Game Review #ChristmasGiftGuide

Shark Bite game

I received the Shark Bite Game to review with my family. I read the instructions before calling the kids to play the game. I then put the game together and they were so excited to play, they love playing games as a family. They also love fishing so I was looking forward to what they thought of the game.

I placed all the fish, crabs and other pieces into the sharks mouth. Then we took turns with the youngest going first. She picked which piece she wanted to fish for and pulled up a crab. So I asked her what it was that she pulled out. She didn’t know it was a crab, so I explained it to her. She was all excited that she pulled the crab out. My other granddaughter played her turn and pulled out a fish, she was so excited that she got her fish without the shark taking it back by closing his mouth on it. We all went around and took our turns fishing. When the youngest granddaughter went to take her turn again the shark closed it’s mouth. Her reaction was just priceless! Her eyes got huge and she told the shark that the piece was hers not his! lol

Shark bite game 1

I set the game up again and we continued to play. I loved that the piece that would close the sharks mouth was always changing so you never knew which piece would cause the shark to close his mouth. The kids just loved the game and they were having so much fun playing and giggling while playing. It also was a great way to get the kids learning new animals that they hadn’t seen or heard about before. My youngest granddaughter just loves the crab so she goes to fish for it every time it’s her turn. The rest of the kids just choose one and then go fishing for it. We kept having so much fun and the kids wanted to keep playing. I really liked the game as well, it was easy to set up, the family had so much fun with it, it really kept their attention during the game they didn’t wonder off when it wasn’t their turn. You can purchase Shark Bite at Target, Walmart, Toys R Us, Amazon and your other favorite stores.

I also used the Shark Bite Game for educational purposes as well. We pulled out books that were about sharks, crabs, and different fish. I then let them pick about what they wanted me to teach them. We ended up going through just about all of the books because they were so excited to learn more about who lives in the sea. I love when we can play a game and I can turn it into an educational experience for the kids as well. It opened their eyes to a whole new world and they loved learning about them all.

Shark Bite is a great game for everyone in the family to play. It would be a great game for homeschoolers as well to use for education as well. The perfect gift for a birthday or the holidays as well!

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Easy DIY Dry Erase Board ~ Chore Chart, Calendar, Homework Chart, Daily Activity Chart Or More #MomHelper #Chorechart #DIY #GetOrganized

Daily chore chart DIY Dry Erase Board

We can always use organizational products but they can be expensive at times to purchase. I have made a DIY dry erase board that will cost you only $2.50 to make! It’s easy, fun, functional, and a easy way to organize the family in many ways and you can make more then one to fit all your family needs.

You can see that I made this DIY dry erase board into a daily chore chart. However, you can use them for so many different things that you need. They are easy to hang up where the family can see them as well. You’re able to write on them and then wipe them clean and then write on them again. I’m using mine to keep our daily activities where the family can see them and know what we have planned for the next day. We also have a daily chore chart, a calendar for the month, and a rewards chart for the family. They are all hanging neatly and are easy to change as well as easy to see for the whole family. It cost only $2.50 each to make and they have made everything in our home run smoother then in the past. Everyone can see what they are to do for chores, when homework is due, how far they are away from getting their reward, and what we have going on for the month for the family.

Project materials:

* 8″ X 11″ Photo Frame (purchase at Dollar Tree)
* Packing Tape
* 8 Discontinued Paint Sample Charts from paint store ~ Ask at the paint store for discontinued paint charts and choose the colors you would like for your Dry Erase Boards
* Thin tip dry erase marker (Dollar Tree)

Step 1: The names of the paints will be on the charts, so you will cut the names off, you will want to make sure the names are on either side of the charts and easily removed with plenty of space to use for writing

Step 2: Once you have all the names cut off you will put one chart next to your next paint chart that you want into your dry erase board and then tape the top and bottom. Then put one more piece of tape in the middle. You will do this on the back side of the charts while making sure that the lines on the front of your chart are lined up.

Step 3: Continue to tape all the color charts together till all 8 are taped together. If you choose a larger frame then given you will need more charts to fill the frame.

Step 4: Take off the back of your picture frame and put the charts inside of the frame with color charts facing down. Then replace the back of the photo frame.

Your photo frame is now ready to use as your DIY dry erase board. You will write on it with your dry erase marker and make it your daily chore chart, your calendar or whatever your family is in need of. You can also make it a message board as well if you choose. Then just write on it and you can wipe it off easily at any time and restart your board. It’s such an easy project but helps to keep you organized.

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Spaghetti Squash With Meat Sauce Recipe #FallRecipe #Recipe #SpagettiSquash #Squash

Spagh squash with meat sauce

There are so many possible variations with this dish to make it fit your families needs. You could use vegan crumbles, ground turkey, or ground beef to make this meal for your family depending on your dietary needs. Now I had not made the Spaghetti squash before for my family and now I’m wondering what took me so long! We will be making it a lot more often, as it’s just delicious. If your lacking Potassium this is the perfect way to also keep your potassium levels where they need to be in a delicious way.

I also learned a few tips that I want to share with you when you make the Spaghetti squash. After your done baking it, I found that if you squeeze the water out of the squash it makes a better presentation on the plate. If you do not it comes out a little watery, so this helps with making a great presentation on the plate.


1 Large Spaghetti Squash
1 lb of ground beef
1 Green Pepper
1- 14.9 oz can Red Gold Diced Tomatoes
1/4 cup onion diced
1- 32 Oz can Tomatoes sauce
1 tsp Parsley flakes
1 tsp Basil
1 tsp ground Sage
1 tsp dried oregano
1 tsp sugar
Parmesan Cheese for the topping

* Preheat oven to 350 degrees

* You will want to brown your ground beef with onion and green pepper, be sure to drain it and run a little hot water over the top to get added grease off so that your sauce doesn’t have the dreaded extra grease in your sauce.

* Cut the Spaghetti Squash in half, place in a baking pan with 1 cup of water in the bottom of the pan.

* Place in the oven and bake for 20 to 30 minutes, just until the fork goes into the squash easily, while the squash is in the oven, you will make your sauce.

* Use a fork to make the strings of squash spaghetti and place it on a platter.


* Once you have drained your ground beef return it to the skillet and add in your other ingredients except for the Sugar and Parmesan Cheese. Let it simmer for 20-30 minutes while your squash is cooking so they will be finished at the same time.

Place the squash noodles down on the platter and then top with your sauce. Just before serving sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.

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Loving Earth Chocolate Bar Review #Chocoholics #ChocolateLovers

loving-earth Chocolate

I received Loving Earth Chocolate Bars to review with our family. Now, if you have been following our blog, you know that I am a chocoholic! However, that doesn’t mean that I’m not a picky chocoholic. 😉 I am so a picky chocoholic, it has to have the perfect chocolate texture, rich and creamy, and full of flavor.

We tried the Cheesecake flavored Loving Chocolate bar first. Now, cheesecake and chocolate together sounds just amazing doesn’t it? I put a square in my mouth and the flavor just exploded, it was the perfect texture, had a full rich flavor of chocolate with the added bonus of the cheesecake flavor that was pure perfection. My son’s just loved the taste and the flavors as well. It was a reward for a hard day of school work and they were completely on board with their reward. They loved the creamy chocolate, the way it slowly melted in their mouth, their eyes just closed as they enjoyed it.

I also love that Loving Earth has some delicious recipes like Chocolate Raspberry Mousse, Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Fudge Cheesecake, and so many others that the Chocoholic in you and your family will just LOVE! Let’s not forget that with winter (I know I don’t want to hear that word yet either!) coming up that it will also make some amazingly delicious hot chocolate that you can warm up with and YES! There is a recipe for making it!

Loving Earth has such an amazing selection of flavors for their chocolate bars as well! So the chocoholic in you will be able to find a several of your favorites and never get bored with them! They offer 72% Dark Chocolate, Lemon Cheesecake Caramel Chocolate, Creamy Coconut Mylk Chocolate, Turkish Delight Chocolate, Berry Crunch Hazelnut Mylk Chocolate, Salted Caramel Chocolate, Crunchy Mint Dark Chocolate, Raspberry Cashew Mylk Choclate…. is it just me or do they all sound like a chocolate heaven!?!?!

Now, if your like me, I hide my chocolate from the kids. That’s my little piece of heaven for those rough days, while I’m working, or at times I share with the family as a thank you when they help me with things around the house. But there are just times, where I like to have a good book, some amazing chocolate, and some quiet to enjoy both. Those times are rare so I love to relish them. I have to say that Loving Earth Chocolate really helped me to enjoy my quiet time. Now, I know I am not the only one that hides out from everyone in the family with their favorite things to enjoy by themselves….am I?

Now, don’t forget with the holiday’s coming up your going to want to pull out all the stops for your desserts! So be sure to let Loving Earth Chocolate Bars help you to make amazing desserts for your holiday table, your family will be amazed and in love with your holiday table. Now, don’t blame me if you become addicted to Loving Earth Chocolate bars! I’m just telling you what my experience with them was…. oh, who am I kidding, I will totally take the blame for it! lol

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Chocolate Cream Pie Recipe From Scratch #Recipe #Chocolate #Thanksgiving #Dessert

chocolate cream pie AMP

Oh the creamy, rich, fluffy texture of this pie, could have you begging for more! It is so light and airy that everyone will ask you how to get their pies to look as good as yours. I made this pie and I kid you not within an hour or two the whole pie was gone! My children will eat Chocolate Cream Pie like it is going out of style and then ask me to make another one! You would think that I would have smartened up and started to make two pies every time but nooooooo! I do get one piece of it before they inhale it.

I can’t say as I blame them with all the chocolate goodness in this pie. I just have to remember to make two of them and we will be set for at least two days. lol I’m lucky I got a photo of my pie before I ate it because if I make it at night when they are sleeping, come the morning they have already sniffed it out and are begging for a piece. I make them wait till after lunch at least to have some.

1/2 Cup cocoa powder
1 1/4 Cup sugar
1/3 Cup cornstarch
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp Cinnamon
3 Cups milk
3 TBS butter
1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 (8 oz) container of Cool-Whip

* In a Saucepan, I mix all the dry ingredients so that they are combined well

* I add 1 cup of milk and mix it together with a whisk over a low heat

* Add 1 cup of milk after a few minutes of heat and continue to whisk

* Turn the heat up Add Rest of the Milk and whisk bring the pudding mixture to a boil but be sure to continue to whisk so that it does not stick to the bottom (Only boil for about a minute or so)

* Take Off the heat and add your butter, vanilla, and whisk it all together again, being careful not to whisk to fast as it’s very hot and will stick to your skin of splashed.

* Pour into a 9″ Pie Crust or Graham Cracker Crust and let cool for 4-6 hours

* Top your pie with Cool Whip and you can garnish with Chocolate chips, Chocolate Shavings, Oreo Cookies Crushed or anything else you would like to

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