Oxy LED Colorized Auto Moving Projection Lights With 12 Replaceable Lens, Different Theme Light Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


The Oxy LED Colorized Auto Moving Projection Lights With 12 Replaceable Lens, Different Theme Lights arrived and I was excited to see how it worked. Excited because I hate climbing ladders to put up Christmas lights but I want the house to be decorated and festive. So when it arrived I opened the box and was a little nervous about how it would work and if it would work. So I ran an extension cord to the front yard that is waterproof because we were going to be getting a lot of snow the next couple of days.

So I set up the Oxy LED Colorized Auto Moving Projection Lights With 12 Replaceable Lens, Different Theme Lights and I put it on the ground. I chose the theme that I wanted which was a Christmas theme. It was all ready to go, so I turned it on and it was just beautiful the colors, the theme was perfect and it wasn’t the same as other neighbors had. We have been seeing a lot of just red and green lights that flash around on the houses so we wanted something different. This theme fit the bill, it was just perfect. I went out to the street to see how it was looking and it looked great from all angles.


My son’s wanted to see the other themes so we did some switching so that they could see all the themes. When we had the Halloween one on the house, our neighbor yelled over to us, you know Halloween has passed right? I laughed and he said that he really liked the theme for Halloween that he hadn’t seen it before. We tried out several other themes as well and the neighbors were watching us play with the themes and then we put it back on the Christmas theme the boys had picked out. It was so pretty and it went all over the front of the house.


I really liked how easy it was to set up and how pretty the themes are. They have a great selection of themes for the different holidays as well. It’s been the easiest year to decorate our house, it looks great and in a few minutes you can put it up or take it down. It doesn’t take any time on a ladder, no hooks needed, no replacing a bulb before you have a string of lights that went out. No freezing in the snow and cold to take the lights down. It is so simple that anyone can use it to decorate their home and it will look amazing.

Holiday decorating just got a lot easier. It also offers the following themes and features:

12 Festive Slides: Total 12pcs slides(Christmas, maple leaf, happy birthday, Queen’s day, Halloween’s day, snowflakes etc.), create instant atmosphere for parties, festivals or entertainments
• 4 Working Modes: One button press to power it on/off and easily toggle image motion among slow, medium, fast speed or fixed the images
• 6-hour Timing: Daily 6 hours timer automatic loop running, no need for other programming or settings, perfect for indoor and outdoor use
• Easy to Install: Ground inserted via stake or flat placement with round base or mounted on walls using supplied screws, just place the lamp 10-15 feet from the projection surface
• User Friendly: 6 x 1W energy-saving LEDs, IP65 water-resistant housing, enough 5m long power cable, and adjustable projection angles for best effect

* Let the holiday decorating begin with ease and let your home have the best themes with Oxy LED Colorized Auto Moving Projection Lights.

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