Original, ProFLEX and now ProFLEX Heavy Duty Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


I received the Thermacell Heated Soles Proflex to review. They come in a variety of sizes to fit everyone on your Christmas list. I also loved that right now there is a $30 mail-in-rebate for the heated insoles as well! You can receive your $30 mail-in-rebate that will make it an even sweeter deal and a great Christmas gift as well!

I had my brother review the Thermacell Heated Soles Proflex. He works outside a lot for his job, so being in the Midwest you always try to find ways to stay as warm as you can because we can hit -25 degrees. So keeping your hands, feet and your body warm is essential. My brother does the lawn care and snow removal for a large company. So he spends a lot of time outside with his crew. So I thought he would be the perfect person to review the Heated Insoles ProFLEX for me. He was also interested to see if they would work and do everything that they are suppose to.

He charged the Thermacell Heated Soles Proflex so that he could try them out. It’s been about 40 degrees here, so it gets chilly when your outside for a while doing things. So it was the perfect time to test them, so he put them inside his boots and started working. He had them on low just to keep the chill off but as the day went on his feet got a little cold on the low so he put it to high towards the evening as it got colder. He left them on high till he was done with work, his feet were getting really warm on the drive him and he couldn’t figure out why at first then remembered that he had the heated insoles still on plus the heat from the car. So he turned off the insoles and he was comfortable again.

He loved that they kept his feet warm while he was working. Another feature that he really liked is that they have different settings instead of just having one so that he could adjust them to where he needed them to keep his feet warm. The heated insoles fit perfectly into his boots but also fit well into his other shoes as well. The Thermacell Heated Insoles were easy to put in the shoes and comfortable to wear as well. He said they were perfect and also thought that when it gets to our -25 weather that he is going to be loving them even more! That they will be keeping his feet warm this year. His hands and feet are the first things to get cold while he is out working. He is also an avid skier as well so the Thermacell Heated Insoles will be perfect for keeping his feet warm while he is ski’s as well. So he is pretty excited about using them throughout the winter season.

The Thermacell Heated insoles come in three different styles, the Original, ProFLEX and now ProFLEX Heavy Duty. They would make a perfect gift for the outdoor person in your life. If your Deer hunting this season your going to love keeping your feet warm with Thermacell Heated insoles. They are the perfect must have winter gear for the whole family as well. Don’t forget that you will also receive $30 back with the rebate making it a perfect Christmas deal!

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