Organic Slammer Superfood Snack Review #Organic #BackToSchool

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We received the Organic Slammer Superfood Snack to review with my son’s and my grandbabies. I put them in the fridge to chill and then after lunch, I gave each of the kids a Organic Slammer Superfood Snack. They at first looked at me not sure what it was. So I opened them up and told them to try it.

Next thing I knew they each had 3 pouches for all the kids. They were a huge hit! They loved the flavors of them, and they couldn’t get enough of them. If I would have let them they would have ate them all in one sitting. They asked if they could have more later and I told them they could so that kept them from sneaking any more of them. So I asked them what they thought of the Organic slammers Superfood snack and they said they really liked the fruit flavors, that they tasted really good. They liked that they could more drink it and it didn’t make a mess (I also liked that I didn’t have a mess to clean up!).

My grandson, who makes a mess with everything he eats was able to eat them without making a mess as well. Not to mention he kept asking for more! He is pretty picky about his foods but he loved the Organic slammers Superfood snack. The girls and my son’s all said that they loved how it wasn’t to sweet because there is no refined sugar in the snacks, there is also no artificial flavors or colors as well. I also loved that it offers 500 mg of Omgega 3 per serving size, no sodium, and are made of pureed fruits. A great healthy snack for the kids and they would be perfect for their lunch boxes for school lunches, going to the park, or dare I say, even okay for them to eat in the car because they aren’t messy! So they would be perfect for long trips!

I have some very picky eaters, so it’s a great way for me to get extra fruits into them. I love that I won’t have to fight with them to eat it as well. They want to have them all the time, so there is no battles of “YES! You have to eat this!” They are the first ones to ask for them! I call that a parent win! The Organic slammers Superfood snack also included fruits that they won’t eat but they didn’t even know they were in there. So that was a win that they would eat them without fighting me. I also loved that several of the fruits carry antioxidants which I love for the kids to have.

The flavor choices blend so well together. There are some great flavors offered like Apple, Strawberry, Cherry, Chia , also Acai, Apple, strawberry as well as Bananas, Blueberries, Butternut Squash, Greek Yogurt, and Yumberry and also Strawberry, Kiwi, Watermelon, apple, banana, and beet and other yummy flavors. There are sure to be a number of different flavors that your children will just love and that you will love them eating. You can purchase Organic Slammers Superfood snacks at your local Target as well.

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