The Oregon Trail Card Game Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


You may remember being in school and playing the Oregon trail game on the computer or at home. You were on the wagon trail and would be on an adventure but then find out that you got the chicken pox, or you lost food, your water was tainted or whatever the case was. You would continue on the trail and wait to see what would happen to you next. It was a great way to learn about how things really were during the wagon train days. Since you couldn’t be there it was very interesting to learn about in the game form.

Well, now there is a new Oregon Trail Card Game that you can play at home with your family. Kids can learn about what it’s like on the wagon trail and how they use to live. It was really a interesting time and this is a fun game that is also educational as well. It will help them to know so much about that Era and what people had to go through to make it to a better life, well if they made it there of course. I use to love to play that computer game and it was always interesting to see where the game would take you. If you would make it to the place you wanted or if you would pass away on the trail and have to start the game over again to see how far you could get in the next round.

I was excited to play the game with my son’s. Well, one reason would be because they always make me feel so old with questions like “Did they have shoes when you were little Mom.” they did! Really? One of my favorite questions and leave it to my boys… “Mom, were dinosaurs around when you were little?” “Eh, NO! There were no dinosaurs unless they were in a museum like you see.” They will make you feel really old in about 2 minutes flat. lol So I was fully prepared for them to have a whole new set of questions after we played but I got to stay young and they didn’t ask “Did you have to live like this Mom?” lol Instead we played several games of The Oregon Trail and they learned so much from the game. They had questions but they were more about why was it like that during the Era and why things are different today. It really opened us up for some great conversations.

When we played a game, it was really interesting for the boys to play. They really liked learning about the Oregon Trail and what the people endured during that time. My youngest son the first game died of starvation, he was asking why they didn’t have enough food and why they didn’t just go to the grocery store to get more. My older son got dysentery which was the start of another conversation. We were having so much fun playing and the boys were learning so much about how it use to be during that time. They learned so much from playing as well. They went and played some games with my mom as well and she got the Rattlesnake bite so the boys were telling her that she shouldn’t be playing with snakes. We had so many great games that we played and each game the boys learned something new. However, it was also fun to play as well. It would really make a great game to play with the family, in a classroom or to bring on a camping trip or car trip to play while your on your way.

This game would make a great gift for a child for the holidays it’s both fun and educational as well. Your child can learn about the Era and have a fun time while do it. You can find the Oregon Trail Card Game at your local Target store.

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