Open Letter To Dan Turner Father Of Brock Turner #BrockTurner #DanTurner #JudgeAaronPersky


I have been following the story of Brock Turner, who raped an unconscious woman. He was stopped by two gentleman that were in the right place at the right time. Thank god for these two men who held your son till the authorities could arrive. You can read more about the story Here if you are not aware of it already.

I’m the mom of 4 wonderful children, 2 girls and 2 boys, who I love dearly. So I can understand Dan Turner’s love for his son. I can understand wanting to protect our children, I have done it on a number of occasions as a parent. Wanting to take our children’s pain away is always something we want to do as a parent. I understand all these qualities and more as a parent that we all try to do for our children.

However, as I have stated, I am the mother of 4 children. If god forbid this happened to one of my daughters or one of my son’s raped a woman. Yes, that is what your son did, he did not give her the chance to say Yes or no to sex. I would not request no jail time for my child. I would not try to protect them for as you stated “20 minutes of action”. He made the choice and it was the wrong choice. There may have been a party involved with this instance and they both made a bad choice as to drink more then they should have. However, he knew what he was doing and has altered this woman’s life forever with just “20 minutes of action”. Let’s call it what it was it was NOT “20 minutes of action” it was 20 minutes of your son raping this woman.

Your son took away her dignity, her ability to feel safe, he violated her body, and more with his actions. Your worried only about what this has done or is doing to your son’s future, that he will have to be registered as a sex offender as well he should be. That he will now only be able to work at certain places and what it has done to his future. What about her future, what about the huge impact it has created for this woman? What if this was your wife, your daughter, your sister, or someone else that is very close to you. You would want the most extreme penalty available but your crying about your son having jail time. The fact that he only received a six month jail term is appalling to say the least. Your son made all the choices that night, he chose to drink that night, he chose to rape this woman, he chose his future when he took these actions.

We wonder where all the entitlement comes from today, your a prime example. Brock made his choices and should do the time and not just 6 months, which I hope is over turned and he gets the penalty that he truly deserves. If you wife, sister, mother or other family member was raped would you think that 6 months jail time was justice? You would be just livid with this ruling and so many that have been following this story have been outraged that Judge Aaron Persky would give this ruling. Now your requesting that no jail time be served for your son. I can not even begin to fathom where you realistically believe this is going to happen. Your son, You and the Judge have just victimized this poor woman again. In what fairy tale world does this seem realistic to you? Your son should be serving years in prison with a punishment that is fitting his crime. This victim deserves justice, your son turned her world upside down, HER life will never be the same. How will she trust? I’m sorry but just because your son’s hobby of swimming on a team doesn’t amount to the nightmare he caused this woman, his past does not make up for what he has done. What about other woman? How do they know they will be safe with men like your son in society.

Let me be the first to say that I will move heaven and earth for my children. However, I also have the understanding that if my child breaks the laws then they will have to pay the price. They made the choice to do a crime and it is not my job as their parent to try to bail them out in something as serious as this case. Would it break my heart and be hard to sit there while my child is on trial and in prison? More then I ever care to imagine! However, I brought them up to know right from wrong, they will make mistakes, I expect a fender bender, I expect them to make wrong choices or take wrong roads. I however, could not and will not make excuses in the case of a rape or any other serious crimes. They knew what could happen, they knew they would have to pay for their crime and decided to go and do it anyways. Call me a harsh parent, say I’m heartless, but I have raised my children to know there are consequences for every action that they take. Don’t do the crime if you do not want to do the time!

You really need to pop whatever fantasy bubble your living in and come to the reality of your son raped this woman. It was not “20 minutes of action”, he made his choices. Pull up your big boy pants and make him accountable for his actions. It does not matter one bit what he has done in the past, it matters what he did on January 17th and January 18th! It matters how he made his victim feel, that she will never feel safe again. Make your son accountable for his actions, is it going to change his life? Yes, but he didn’t worry about that for one second when he raped her, he wasn’t thinking about her at all or how it would affect her so he will get no sympathy from society. Have you even read how the victim feels after your son raped her? If not you should read them Here

Brock is not entitled to anything more then what he deserves and 6 months is not any where near a sentence that he should have received. It’s not even 1 month each for every minute she had to endure his “actions”. Brock should receive a lot more of a punishment then he did from Judge Aaron Persky. It is sad that you believe that your son should not serve any time in jail. Come to the realization that he will have to serve his time just like any other person who commits rape. This is not one of those times where we as parents are to protect our child, he is an adult and made his choices.

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