OMG! That Parent Needs Nanny 911!

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I have been in stores and got those looks from people, you know the ones, of OMG! That parent needs Nanny 911! Yes, it’s true, I have been there, of course I think at one point or another we have all had those looks due to our little angels. Well, yes, at the time their horns are showing!

Today, I’m positive that I would be told that if I took my son out in public. However, we will be sparing the general public his melt down today. I already ran to the store and did my errands quickly before the melt down started. I do have to say that I do get frustrated with the looks, the comments and the down right rude people during one of my son’s “Melt downs”. He has been brought up properly, he has manners, he is normally the most quiet and polite young man you will ever meet. However, at certain times, my son is not visible instead there is a head spinning, crying, tantrum throwing child that takes his place. He has medical issues and at times no matter how much your trying to reason with him that “other” child doesn’t want to hear anything you have to say. He doesn’t care that people are looking at you like you just beat him, he doesn’t care that people are making rude comments, he doesn’t care that he is making a scene in the aisle when you just need to get milk and you can go back home so please give me just 15 minutes.

Why does the “other child” come out and have the melt downs? My son has a brain tumor and at times depending on which way the tumor is tilted it could make for a “FUN” day. It could be his shunt is clogged, it could be roid rage from his steroids that he is on. It could be a million things that just sent him over the edge. It’s then my job to figure out which it is, to see if we need a Dr’s visit, to just let it pass and try to work with him, and how long it’s going to last. Which at times could be a month straight. There is sometimes no reason to the melt down but you just have to work through.

If I could make a suggestion to those of you who are around when our special needs “other child” comes out. We are frustrated enough without having rude comments, the stares only make it worst at times, trust that we will make our trips to stores or anywhere else as SHORT as possible! Sometimes our child is there when we enter the store but within a few minutes of walking down an aisle the “other child” can show up. At that point it’s make a mad dash through to get what we HAVE to have and get out. I can tell you that I have turned into the queen of self checkout due to the “other child”, I can be in and out and be out of the store as fast as I can. So please have a little patience with us and our child or children and we will be gone again. Please do NOT assume that our child does not have manners, is spoiled and just does this for attention. Just because our child looks to be healthy it is not always the case, sometimes you can not tell what medical problems a child has unless you know them. Yes, sometimes just your smile can make our “other child” calm down and bring our child back. So before making a comment, try a sympathetic smile and see what the parent and the child are going through.

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2 Responses to OMG! That Parent Needs Nanny 911!

  1. Deb says:

    🙂 You’ll have a better day tomorrow!

    • A Mom's Paradise says:

      I’m hoping, but I don’t think it will end till Thursday. Since Today’s Melt down was over a Dr’s Visit we have coming up. 😉

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