Obersee Kids Butterfly Luggage With Integrated Cooler Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


I received the Obersee Kids Butterfly Luggage With Integrated Cooler to review. Obersee has several different designs on their luggage that the kids are sure to love. There is Angel wings, Camo, star, and many more designs. They come in a variety of colors as well that the kids will just love.

The Obersee Kids Luggage With Integrated Cooler would be great to pack up to take to their grandparents, road trips, flights or any other place that they need to pack for. You will love how much room is available and that you can pack a snack for them in the cooler to keep the kiddos happy and content while your traveling. The luggage would also be the perfect size for the to pack items that will keep the kids busy while traveling a shorter distance and snacks. There are so many ways that you could use their luggage that will make your life easier.

My son’s now want their own Obersee Kids Luggage With Integrated Cooler, they want to pack their things in them for when they go to dad’s house to visit. I have to say that I love that idea as well. It would make packing things for them for the visit so much easier and they can easily pack it up by themselves and keep everything in place. They bring video games, comic books, clothes, personal care items, the book they are currently reading, their medications, and their special snacks with them (Not that dad doesn’t have them there but it’s a just in case they ate them all on their last visit lol) Kids, you have to make sure all their bases are covered and the luggage would help make sure that happens.

obersee kids luggage

We also take a lot of day trips with my kids so it’s perfect to hold all their summer gear for the beach, extra winter clothes when we go sledding in the winter, and any other events that we attend. We also homeschool so we can take it on field trips to carry everything we need in one place to make our trips easy as well. The kids can use the handle to pull the luggage to where we are going the wheels make it so easy to go anywhere you would like. It will be the perfect addition for your trips no matter where the open road takes you. Let Obersee Kids Luggage With Integrated Cooler become your child’s travel buddy.

The Obersee Kids Luggage With Integrated Cooler would make a great gift for any child. They will love the designs and imagine all the wonderful places they will go see with it in hand.

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