Ninja Coffee Bar System Review #ChristmasGiftGuide


Calling all coffee lovers, if your a fan of all different types of coffee then have I got a coffee system for you! Now I love iced coffee drinks, but I am very picky about them. They have to be a sweet treat without that heavy coffee flavor. I can drink them all day long and be in pure heaven! I usually purchase the Starbucks Caramel, S’mores or Caramel Frappuccino’s as I just love them. However, they can get pretty pricey when you purchase several of them in a day just to get your fix of your favorite coffee drinks!


So I was very excited to review the Ninja Coffee Bar System. I have found my new Iced coffee machine that can do it all and the taste of my coffee drinks exceeded my expectations! I have fallen in love with the Pecan Praline Ninjaccino, Gingersnap Iced Coffee, and I have even added in some other coffee drinks that I love like the Caramel Macchiato Forte and several other yummy hot coffee drinks on those cold days. Sorry Starbucks, but I’m moving on to my Ninja coffee bar system and I’m saving a bundle while doing it!

I was shocked to see all the different recipes that I could make with the Ninja Coffee Bar System. I was limited to what Starbuck’s offered in their iced coffees but now the sky is the limit on the flavors that I can make at home! I’m getting ready to try to make some of my own blends that will taste like my favorite candy bars as well. So that I can fix my sweet tooth without actually eating a candy bar. I really love the iced coffee drinks from the Ninja Coffee bar more then I ever did the Starbuck’s Iced coffee drinks. I’m also no longer limited with the flavors that I can have, I can use the recipes offered by the Ninja company or create my own flavors as well. I usually do not drink regular hot coffee drinks but since trying the Ninja Coffee Bar System I have found that there are some great coffees that I love the flavor of and will drink on a regular basis as well. I wouldn’t have more then likely tried them if I didn’t have the Ninja Coffee Bar System.

I love that I can also choose the size of coffee that I want as well. I’m not limited to making a whole pot if I only want a cup of coffee. The Coffee Bar System allows you to choose if you would like a cup, a travel mug, or a Carafe of coffee. So if your on the go you can choose the perfect amount of coffee. If it’s a lazy day you can make a Carafe of coffee to go with it. It’s totally up to you how much you make so that there is no waste when using the Ninja Coffee Bar System. Finally, a system that will make the perfect coffee and the perfect amount of coffee as well! If the Ninja Coffee Bar isn’t on your Christmas Wish list you are going to want to get it on there because this machine will change your coffee drinking forever!

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